Established since 1997 in New Delhi, Lopez Design is a multidisciplinary design studio for branding and communications. We design by defining your core essence to strategically grow your business long-term. Our ambidextrous and technology agnostic approach employs cross-platform intervention to create contextual solutions and unique immersive brand experiences. 


Our Manifesto

Design Thinking

Design is all encompassing and penetrates many layers of our lives. We aim to influence people response and behavior through design by a well-researched process and understanding of all interacting parameters. Our approach ROAD – research, observe, analyze and design leads to tailor-made solutions for every client. We function across platforms, virtual media and physical environments to create immersive and compelling engagements with the user.

We bring out a strong voice for your brand through pragmatic contemporary solutions that are at par with international standards. With the fast pace of technology and the requirements of the growing younger TG, we look at flexibility and agility in branding that can respond to the changing context and needs. In an increasingly globalized world, we lay emphasis on people-centric and culturally-sensitive solutions that find a special space between universal and regional.


Ours is essentially a collaborative studio where we employ and partner with varied talents and expertise to provide integrated solutions. As communication design today is a complex tool with many variants, we believe that employing multiple interfaces will get the message across at many levels. Lopez Design ensures that your final solution is delivered across many media.

Our team therefore is equipped with specialist skills but we also work across the board to make sure that these otherwise separate compartments come together in unity, seamlessly.The diverse backgrounds of players at Lopez Design includes graphic designers, print specialists, software professionals, architects, creative thinkers, illustrators, communications experts, interior designers and animators.

We aim to give you the best solution for a particular problem, rather than fall back to a preconceived notion of a product. Practical considerations and constraints in the Indian environment have always driven us to nifty innovations. A number of observation studies are performed throughout the design process to develop a special insight. The strategies employed always look at how to achieve quality and finesse in the final output without settling for compromises.

Principal Designer

Anthony Lopez, founder of Lopez Design is a cross-disciplinary visualizer and thinker. His philosophy speaks to the core of humanity: every human being has vast potential and that can be multiplied many times by group collaboration. Ultimately for Anthony, designing is by, for and about people and they matter the most.

To be Indian is to speak many languages, without even realizing this is what we do. To be a graphic designer is to put the image first before you. A maker of identity puts you first, before everything else. For Lopez, branding is really about getting to the essence of who you are and this unique identity is critical to growing your brand. Only by developing trust through genuine means can a brand survive and excel in a competitive market.

Media has never been a limiting factor for Lopez. He expands on possibilities, to create that ‘Aha’ moment rather than rush to plug the hole in the bucket. At Lopez Design, established in 1997, he advocates a multidisciplinary approach bridging architecture, graphics, technology and storytelling. His was one of the first firms to offer branding across print, product, environment and web interfaces. A graphic designer from the National Institute of Design, Anthony has varied interests in sports, photography, music and audio-visual media. He brings people together much like players in a game, with an uncanny ability to fuse strengths and disciplines towards honing a singular goal.

Lopez juggles three Cs – communication, context and collaboration with a passion for quality solutions, time-bound delivery and unique ideation. With his interest in merging humanitarian concerns with design, he conceptualized The Big Shit Project to end open defecation in India in 2013. A valued mentor to NIFT and NID students, Anthony has given talks at the Kyoorius Design Yatra, The Sri Lanka Design Festival, Design X Design Forum and Pecha Kucha’s ID 2014 Symposium. In 2014, he was Jury member for Kyoorius D&AD awards and later in the same year for the Designomics Design Competition. Amongst his accolades, are the American Design Award and The Business World Excellence Award.


Branding and Brand Identity programmes

Brand identities, big and small, today compete strongly to find a place. Shaping identity in a busy landscape requires a solid grasp of visual jargon and dedication to come up with a unique symbol that is easily identifiable. It is also a prerequisite that the solution must work across many media. Our process in this sphere is to determine a strong root with the firm’s ethos to mirror this in a symbol that can be a genuine imprint.

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Print Collaterals

In the rapidly morphing world of visual media, print today is more dynamic, informative and inclusive. Just as the presence of social media is ubiquitous, print is inseparable from visual language in the current scenario. It is part and parcel of many functions. Print can tread a fine line by placing content in a better context to make information accessible or to reach out imperceptibly.

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Branded Environments

Branding consolidates what you stand for as an entity in a cohesive message. When branding percolates into an organization’s environment, it truly resonates with its beliefs. It goes beyond a symbol on paper, becoming an active space that brings energy and soul to experience, powerfully connecting with people. The real test of a brand is time. A successful brand is always evolving and the creative environment fosters its evolution.

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With rapid advances in web technology, the internet has become more accessible. With varied target user groups, we build web strategies for an engaging brand experience with good usability. We design responsive websites with intuitive backend publishing and robust programming, optimised for search engines and social sharing.

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Branded Packaging

In many ways, just like “Clothes make a man”, “Packaging makes the product.” Packaging speaks about the product with immediacy: even before we open the wrapper, the package conveys the attributes of the product – its legacy, the brand, its quality and desirability. To a large extent, good packaging design determines the positioning and reach of the product in the market.  The graphic design for packaging requires an unusual combination of necessary information that the cover must hold and visually attractive features that must allow it to compete amongst other products of its kind. We approach packaging with a research-oriented methodology, understanding of branding and target audience. How to protect the product, stack and transport items safely is an imperative part of the design, all of which has to balance with package recycling and manufacturing costs. Researchers, product designers, visualizers and graphic designers together work as a team to deliver a superior and functional design that makes the package stand out.

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Wayfinding & Signage Systems

We locate ourselves at every point in our environment by our ability to map a space in our heads. This sense of direction is different for every human being. Some have extraordinary abilities to position themselves anywhere, while others just about manage to locate their destination.  Wayfinding is about creating a sense of comfort and familiarity in spaces for a wide and variable audience by helping people to situate themselves. Our design solutions necessarily involve mapping the territory by creating many layered maps, location signs and directional signs. The graphic design and typography are easy to read and have great clarity. We may also create secondary cues using colour and three-dimensional designs for users to be able to intuitively assess their environments and feel at ease in a new space.

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Interior Spaces

We spend more time in the workspace than anywhere else. Ideally, environments should nurture our capacity to perform well and enhance work experience. Incorporating functionality and simultaneously engaging with users, well-designed environments can create an agile and innovative work force. The rewards? Employees report a fantastic feeling of work-satisfaction.

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Do you have a project or an idea that you would like to develop with us? We would recommend perusing our website to understand the kind of work we do. If you think we can work together, do mail us at


  • • 2018 iF Design Award for Best Brand Identity Design
    • 2016 Kyoorius IN BOOK Winner in the category Writing for Design
    • 2016 Pool Awards IBDSA for India’s Best Graphic Design Studio
    • 2015 Pool Awards IBDSA for India’s Best Brand Design Studio
    • 2014 CII Design Excellence Award for Branded Environments
    • 2004 The Business World Design Excellence Award
    • 2004 American Design Award
  • Clients

    • ABC Consultants
    • Allied Nippon
    • BBC World Service Trust
    • Caparo
    • Citigroup
    • Crafts Development Institute
    • C-Quest Capital
    • Delphi
    • Ernst & Young
    • German Information Centre
    • Harvest Gold
    • Headstrong
    • iDiscoveri
    • IIT Delhi
    • IRC Netherlands
    • IRG USA
    • Jai Surgicals
    • Janadesh
    • JCBL
    • Jobscan
    • Kommlabs
    • Kuoni Travels
    • Mercer
    • Mukul Goyal
    • Murugappa
    • Nokia
    • Pragati
    • Punj Lloyd
    • PwC
    • Samsung
    • Sify
    • STL
    • STL
    • Subhiksha
    • Suranas
    • Talbros
    • The Telegraph
    • TI Cycles
    • United Biscuits
    • UNDCP
    • UNDP
    • UNICEF
    • USAID
    • Whirlpool
    • WHO
    • Yatra

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