2012 & 2016 Olympic logo designs

London’s much argued logo for this year’s Olympics was born out of two words – Urban & Youth. Its’ jagged edges reflect dissonance and high energy. The Rio 2016 logo on the other hand, celebrates passion, transformation and the Cariocas. It’s fluidity, natural form and fusion paint an identity that reflects the Rio landscape and its’ people.

One might be tempted to compare the approach of both Wolff Olins and Tatil in interpreting the spirit of the games in context to the ideals of their country.

In spite of its’ mixed reviews, it is important to note that this years Olympic branding did cause a stir. Tatil’s design, on the other hand, does give you that feeling of this being the happy, momentous occasion. We feel, as though their initial sketches, had a raw energy, character and recall value that the final design seems to have lost out on.

So is it 2012 or 2016. Which one do you think works better?

By Anthony Lopez on Aug 23, 2012
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