Blog 2017 July

Happy offices

What can transform “we work to live” to “we live to work”? Anthony Lopez, Design Principal and founder of Lopez Design examines workplace philosophy and design of environments to see how we can invigorate our workspace towards better lives and better business. Most people associate ‘work’ as doing a job and putting in effort towards ...

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Everything Design

Greetings! We are excited to bring you the Lopez Design Newsletter post GST – EVERYTHING DESIGN. Design is all encompassing and we call it – everything design. As designers, we get a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture and yet we also have the capability for fine detailing or micro-management at the other end. We ...

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Branding posthuman

Anthony Lopez compares the evolution of branding with human evolution

Written by Anthony Lopez

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Museums of the future

Designer Amardeep Behl of Design Habit talks about the future of museums and his journey in creating integrated narrative experiences with a profoundly emotive approach. 

Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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The brand new face of the Indian millennial – 2

How is the millennial generation shaping the way we think, live and act? This newsletter carries part 3, 4 and 5 of Lopez Design’s exclusive study of the rising millennial generation. Read our exclusive analyses about youth power and change. Part 3: Fast and easy but hard to get Throughout our interview with Rahul Ahuja, ...

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Cross roads to creative journeys

The June Forum brought together people from different backgrounds continuing our creative confluence of minds. Our journeys forward are influenced by the meeting of varied ways of thinking and practice.  Imagine you are journeying along a road and you reach a point where four roads meet. There is a tree which spreads its roots out ...

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