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Hands-on July

Monsoon Greetings! There is a bursting point for all of us in this subcontinent, as it gets hotter and hotter. We literally wait for the clouds to gather rain, darken the skies and pelt on our heads, cooling the earth, liberating us. Our issue Hands-On-July comes to you in the wake of cloudbursts.

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The creator and the commissioner

Showcasing our work is important for us not just as a matter of pride but also an important link to our business. And so, when we are denied the right to show our work, as its ownership rests with the client and so their choice whether we can display our creativity or not, we started asking ourselves – to whom does a design really belong?

by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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Take Five

What can keep us motivated at work with deadlines and increased pace threatening burnouts? We take a leaf out of the Lopez Design book of Life to give you five tips to stay rejuvenated

written by Shivani Prakash and illustrated by Athang Samant

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Mosaics of Chance

Designer Anthony Lopez habitually scribbles and doodles whenever he gets the time. While traveling one day, he ended up making a unique pattern on a piece of paper which got transformed into a trendy installation that anyone can play with hands on

by Kokila Srivastava

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Building together with bare hands

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness” -The 14th Dalai Lama No matter how much we love our work as designers, after a point we all want to break free from the synchronised rhythm of mouse-clicking and typing and craft something with our bare hands. This reversal in thinking ...

written by Kokila Srivastava

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