Bihar Museum Brand Identity

In 2011, Lord Cultural Resources from UK, the world’s foremost designers for cultural institutions, were commissioned by DACY (Department of Art, Culture and Youth), State of Bihar to facilitate a new museum in Bihar. The present Patna Museum is almost 100 years old. Lord envisaged a brand new space that would invigorate interest in the glorious past of Bihar by becoming a desirable hub of cultural exchange for national and international visitors. Japanese firm Maki and Associates, renowned for fusing east and west, designed the Bihar Museum building in Patna. Building Construction Department of the Government of Bihar is involved in the development. 

One of the most ambitious museum projects in India, Bihar Museum, a primary centre for learning and experience also needed a fresh brand identity to position it uniquely. This is a project of national importance and Lopez Design was shortlisted for the project in December 2014 and won the contract. Our strategy is rooted in Indian thought yet embraces the fast changing and democratic environment that is fostered by communications today. “History is made” it is said. India’s history is Bihar’s history. Asoka united the greatest empire of the sub-continent 2250 years ago. Nalanda was once the greatest centre of learning. Buddha and Mahavira left a great spiritual dynasty.The Bihar Museum will showcase the history and culture over 20 centuries tracing this to the evolution of Indian and Asian civilization. 

Lopez Design will be involved in brand identity, print communications, web design, social media and signage. We look forward to our role in making history come alive for India and a fantastic opportunity for putting Bihar on the world map.

Feb 05, 2015
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