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A few years ago, Mercer, a multinational consultancy, underwent a series of significant changes starting with the arrival of a new CEO, who introduced a new vision and mission for the organisation. Additionally, Mercer also refreshed its identity to visually establish its connection to its parent company – Marsh & McLennan Companies. To start anew, Mercer brought Lopez Design on board to design their new office in Noida. Rajeev Grover, Senior Partner – Global Head of Operations, told us Mercer’s side of the story. “The brief was to create a workspace that introduces the employees to the vision, mission and values of the organisation, create breakout rooms that are a true breaking out from work rather than just a place to have tea/coffee, and create an environment that motivates employees to give their best every day.”

The environmental graphics of the office bring out the story of Mercer by embedding them in various spaces, for instance, The Mercer Tree which uses parts of a tree as metaphors for Mercer’s core values. From the value Wall which tells stories of The Thirsty Crow, and The Hare and the Tortoise, to the exquisitely designed breakout lounges where employees can catch their breath, the Noida office of Mercer is an array of finely tailored spaces. It is representative of a multinational organisation with a strong ethos.

The designs build curiosity in a new employee to ask either a colleague or senior about the story behind each of them or why the lounge looks so unlike a corporate lounge,which induces conversation in a workplace. It reintroduces an MNC to its employees as an interesting book, beyond the 9-to-5 routine they know. And by doing so, the employees feel motivated to come to an office which is quite unlike most corporate environments.




Feb 10, 2015
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