Lopez Design hired as brand consultants by leading diamond miner & trader

A world leader in diamond mining and trading has appointed Lopez Design as their brand consultants. The design agency will create brand strategy and positioning for products targeting Indian and global markets.

Currently, the team is carrying out extensive market research on this brief to understand the jewellery industry. The scope of this project will also encompass understanding the impact of regulatory policies, effect of demonetisation and explore the prospects of this sector in light of the positive outlook of the Indian economy. The research will cover consumer behaviour and spending patterns in this sector.

Lopez Design will also study the impact of the online marketplace for luxury goods, especially in the jewellery segment. The design agency will direct the research conclusion with a consumer outlook in the jewellery sector, trend analysis and influences of parallel industries and how the jewellery industry is evolving.

The research aims to bring in insights in the luxury goods market segment that will lead to the development of product ideas, positioning and brand strategy for the client. A seasoned project team comprising of researchers, strategist and design thinkers will execute this assignment in six months.

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