MP Ranjan: for the love of design

Indeed, besides being wonderful thinkers, great humans, inspiring teachers and passionate people both Ranjan and Aditi managed to keep going despite all odds and continued working relentlessly for their love for design in India. We are aware that Ranjan had many impediments to face in his course and strangely, though he lived design in every way putting all efforts into this cause, it has been a long thankless journey. Thankless because it did not get him the recognition and the status he deserves. In one talk Ranjan speaks of design getting the recognition at the Padma awards. We designers know it’s a tall order, as our government models at present do not recognize ‘design’.

Many of us believe he went too early not just because there were still tasks he wanted to accomplish, but also to collect his ultimate recognition due – the Padma. 🙂 Ho! Ranjan! This very struggle of yours gives students and alumni like myself the true belief that Design in India can make a difference to a country like ours. You had that magic which influenced so many of us into living life with this belief – your belief. The course you taught us in foundation which was Design Process then, and took on a much more evolved program as you added to it, laid the foundation for all the work we do in the field. If today we talk about strategic thinking and systems, it is because of your vision, looking ahead to see how to integrate many aspects into practice. We are proud to be designing and producing solutions at par with the best in the world. Truly Indian, truly world class. What gives me greater pride is to recognize that this seed was sown in us by the likes of Ranjan. 

Recently I was reflecting on the loss of my father with my team, recollecting on what made me who I am? And the strong answer was: All those people whom you encountered in your daily life, who influenced your destiny just by giving you a small hint or just by talking or showing you something and strangely you didn’t have the sense to realize and recognize how that moment changed your destiny. And two people who stood out for me were my own father and M.P.Ranjan. Notably, neither Ranjan nor my father were close buddies or people I interacted with frequently or those who gave me advice in difficult situations. But they are the ones – my heroes and my Padma goes to them.

Anthony Lopez 


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