November News

Dear Readers,

Every Diwali, the festival of lights, we let the light into our lives and slip out of the darkness with a bang. We welcome the new and shed the old. As the earth revolves around the sun, we are unaware of its motion except by the effect we see in the seasons. As the day turns to night, we again perceive the effect, rarely imagining the earth turning about itself.

We live at a time when we have to be more than aware, we have to participate in change, as the world will otherwise move away and leave us behind as mere observers. At Lopez Design, we have always believed in being active agents of change. Agile and unafraid of failing, we have pursued the less trodden path. This is the path that throws new light on our endeavors, things we may have otherwise missed. In the future, there will be no readymade answers. The designer has to fearlessly experiment, try her hand at new skills and ways. It is increasingly important to be ready to apply ourselves in unexpected ways. We embrace the new with respect for what was once.

This issue carries our entry into the WorldSkills Competition 2017 at Abu Dhabi. We are proud of our achievements – I was appointed WorldSkills expert from India and our Indian candidate Simoul Alva won a medallion. As ardent advocates of environments influencing behaviour, our piece on Happy Offices talks about positive energy in the workplace taking you a long way home.

Warm regards,

Anthony Lopez


Happy offices
The World Skill Competition

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