November nuggets

Dear Readers,

We are delighted to present the November issue of our newsletter!

We pause a moment to pay tribute to a wonderful educator, dear friend, prolific design thinker and ardent agent of change – M.P.Ranjan, who has left us all too soon. It is his birthday on 9th November and we remember him fondly. Amongst his many incentives was this one, “How will the door open unless you knock?” We will knock on many doors! 

This year has been eventful. And it’s great to have an eventful year, even with many ups and downs, rather than a smoothly flowing one. We learn to hit the bumps slower next time around. The good high was winning the Best Brand Design Studio title from Pool’s competition. It was energizing to be at KYD – Kyoorius Design Yatra in Goa and to share my journal entries for Kyoorius’ online Magazine. The sense of community and sharing is inevitably part of today’s design world – no longer are we segregated units but part of an interconnected universe.

Lopez Design was also the proud winner of a competitive entry for the Bihar Museum branding and identity and our lead story is a reflection on our journey to reach the identity – which was in essence a continuity of our heritage, projected for the future. The project also gave us the opportunity to team up with world class way-finding experts Mijksenaar from The Netherlands, New Delhi graphic design firm Ishan Khosla Design for communications and Blogworks for the social media. The Bihar Museum crystallized from the vision of the Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar who had the incredible foresight to look at a Museum as holding the integrity and pride of people of Bihar. We look forward to the future of our branding program as it comes alive.

Our third project with Mercer brought the theme of water as Making Waves in the grandiose environmental graphics for the offices at GOSS Aravallis. Indian culture has always projected its value systems in the form of myths and narratives in larger than life pictorials, essayed in caves and temples. Today, our graphic design is a formal continuity of this way of filling our surroundings with our beliefs to make the ethos of a firm resonate in the physical realm. Read about these explorations in Making Waves

The incredible element of surprise in design is brought out through a photo-essay by Prachi and Maanas, designers at LD who went on a trail with our Design Manifesto in their pockets. Linger on their delectable offerings in The Right Ingredients.

From my trip to Syria for a UNICEF project, I have some insights to share. Our daily grill here has us complaining about vendors and timeliness, project deadlines and unexpected mishaps. Nothing quite prepared me for the calm fortitude with which UNICEF Damascus works. From the window of the office, we could see helicopters flying and in the distance, bomb bursts. A shell exploded through the glass window of the hotel where I was staying. Always, there was this lurking sense of people’s lives hanging between life and death. Yet, I was treated to extravagant lunches and an unforgettable send-off. I brought back with me a specially packed box of treats from my client and the everlasting thought – that every moment is a precious gift.

With warm greetings for the Diwali season!

Anthony Lopez



A Bridge to the Wisdom Tree

Awarded India’s Best Brand Design Studio

Making Waves

The Right Ingredients


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