The Right Ingredients

The second line of our design Manifesto says, “We can do anything with the right ingredients.” It hung over our noses temptingly.

Design for us has always been about cooking up something. We guess it comes from our love for food. Whipping up a meal can be very basic to superbly extravagant. But, we felt, we had to get it just right.

So we decided to go shopping this weekend to create design using Our Manifesto as a sort of recipe book to make a dish whose name we did not know. When we could not find something exactly, we found the closest ingredient available.

The first step was about making the right choice.

We did not want to get too picky, but we insisted on sampling the wares. We found courage in those zesty assortments to ‘stay away from the familiar’ 

And suddenly, it felt like we were leaping into the unknown.

We found a stack of chairs in the old step well and were reminded of that line in our manifesto where it says, “Together we are like the palm of the hand with its fingers”

Clearly, a necessary ingredient was teamwork

There it was, a chair all by itself looking at a different viewpoint, reminding us of how we must break the patterns we just saw and pull out of the clutter. 

We tossed in flexibility, without which we would get stuck in one place for sure.

What happens when we break away is we start to imagine. In those everyday regular shapes imagination could make something beautiful come alive.

What is beauty? We asked ourselves. After all, what appears beautiful to me could be ordinary to you. Like good, wholesome food, we felt beauty must come from an inner core.

The same things start to look different by the use of context. Context is primary to innovation, towards creating something new.

When we tossed all these ingredients together, we had woven an extraordinary piece, something we never expected, of great value – the magic of weaving a pattern by following our noses.

The process of design is exhilarating because we never know what we are going to get when we start out. With the same ingredients, you can make many different dishes. 

Let us feed the future with magic. – Read our Manifesto


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Photographs and story concept by Maanas and Prachi
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