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They are quick, savvy, confident, multitasking, impatient and driving change. On the brink of a new era, they no longer look for advice from an older generation. On the contrary, if you are above forty-five, it is more likely you will be asking them what to buy, where to go and how to fix it. Per day, they sweat out images of what they like and where they are on social platforms excited to promote their own identities. They are brand-conscious and look for edgy products and often go the extra mile to customize. They will spend more on everything than their parents ever did at their age. Sounds familiar? Born in the era of liberalization, youth in India are harnessing the forces of technology, communication and branding. Lopez Design talks to youth between the ages of 15 and 37  to find out what defines the Indian metro millennial. How are we different from youth in other parts of the world and what specifically is exciting and unique about the Indian identity? A culture, which has always been growing with the thought, “We are one, we are many” is the highly diverse Indian milieu with its religious practices, states and regions with different cuisines and traditions, the sharp divides between metro and rural and the wide variation in beliefs and ideologies. How does the Indian youth embrace the new age and the traditional structure of family and evolve into the future as a principal driver? Amazingly resilient and purposeful, they turn the wheel to take the less trodden track to never-before-done professions. They are ready to launch start-ups with plans that sit on the road map of the Internet and grow businesses in three to five years rapidly. They are conscious about environmental pollution and hazardous side effects of industry and will dare to rap and sing for change, stoking the fire of sustainable technologies. They find nifty ways to bring traditional techniques and craft into the threads of the new loom. He will be impatient, a seeker of new places and fortunes, ready to travel at the drop of a coin. Not wanting to be second, she will pick up a backpack, drive out to the mountains and embrace every adventure. She will win an Olympic medal for the country having the nation cheer, “The Girls Won!” A people-loving nation, Indian youth still hold on to family values, transforming how relationships work by using technology and information to connect socially. All in all, the young Indian enjoys exploring his own identity and celebrating Indian-ness, projecting a confident and laudable global image.

In our next edition, watch out for what makes “The brand new face of the Indian Millennial” reinventing Indian identities as they step out into the world.

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar
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