Creative Gaga: Getting ‘on hire’

How do you land up with a job, and more importantly, how do you find the right job? The two are distinctly different. The right job must ideally balance what you are capable of doing and your future ambitions. It all comes down to how you approach job-seeking. Getting a job is an anxious business, ...

Kyoorius Dialogues: Amplifying absence with the Missing Pavilion

India’s continued absence at the Venice Biennale since 1947, except for sporadic appearances, has been a source of major concern and disillusionment in the Indian art world. The Missing Pavilion, an exhibition sponsored by the Shivadasani Inlaks Foundation and curated by students of the Visual Arts JNU, Delhi generated a dialogue on the presence of ...

Kyoorius Dialogues - July 21, 2015 Kyoorius Dialogues - July 21, 2015

Bihar Museum Brand Identity

In 2011, Lord Cultural Resources from UK, the world’s foremost designers for cultural institutions, were commissioned by DACY (Department of Art, Culture and Youth), State of Bihar to facilitate a new museum in Bihar. The present Patna Museum is almost 100 years old. Lord envisaged a brand new space that would invigorate interest in the ...

Feb 05, 2015 Feb 05, 2015

CII Design Excellence Award 2014

Lopez Design wins the CII Design Excellence Awards 2014 for the best environment branding for the Mercer Noida project. To know more about the project please visit

The Binding

We all tie, but we tie in different ways. Sidi Saiyyed was an Abyssinian in the army of the Gujurat Sultanate. He tied two kinds of trees into the image of the jaali. On the tree trunk nearby, Hindus tie scarlet threads and the effect has a random energy. It allows for chance and intervention, for fate or destiny.

By Anthony Lopez on Aug 12, 2014 By Anthony Lopez on Aug 12, 2014

Why manholes?

People ask me why I bother shooting manholes when I show them the pictures. Well, dammit. I don’t know. Because the manhole is there and it stands out. It’s there and people walk all over it. Cars, trucks and scooters whiz over. Well, it’s there and there’s stuff happening below it. A world of sinks, ...

By Anthony Lopez on Aug 05, 2014 By Anthony Lopez on Aug 05, 2014

2012 & 2016 Olympic logo designs

London’s much argued logo for this year’s Olympics was born out of two words – Urban & Youth. Its’ jagged edges reflect dissonance and high energy. The Rio 2016 logo on the other hand, celebrates passion, transformation and the Cariocas. It’s fluidity, natural form and fusion paint an identity that reflects the Rio landscape and its’ ...

By Anthony Lopez on Aug 23, 2012 By Anthony Lopez on Aug 23, 2012

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