A Bite of United Biscuits

As packaging partner for United Biscuits, Lopez Design brought in a strong systems design approach, whereby the McVities brand assumed a distinct and strong visual differentiator along with a language which is consistent across the entire range of biscuits. All factors were balanced, making the brand stand out in a hugely cluttered and fiercely competitive market.

We proposed a carton for Fruit Bakes as it is an upmarket product. In the packaging for Fruit Bakes and Cookies, we used running hand type that was carefully detailed to produce the right emphasis.

Fruit Bakes is positioned as a quality health biscuit with a gourmet experience. Photographs of biscuits emphasized their delectable taste and crunchiness. The visual phrasing was enhanced by blueberries popping out temptingly. The violet of the berries continues into the packaging, complimenting the deep orange. The McVities logo is embellished in gold to draw attention to a superior food experience. Prime aspects of the biscuit are highlighted in a yellow bar at the bottom of the package.

Packaging graphics attract by multiplicity and have to capture a buyer’s attention, vying with many other biscuits and cookies on a shelf. A lot of thought went into how the cartons would appear when they are arranged on a shelf. All sides have the same visual in the Fruit Bakes package, ensuring uniformity when stacked horizontally.  

The world’s third-largest biscuit company, United Biscuits entered the Rs.6,000 crore organized sector biscuit market with a need for packaging that would reflect its heritage, its international stature and the wholesome pleasure of eating. A major challenge in graphics is in making the package stand out. Here, color plays an important role in identifying with flavors but it tends to get standardized across brands for certain flavours – orange for orange and deep browns for chocolate. By discreet use of color combinations and bold graphics, we came up with designs that avoided visual clutter and were easy to discern.

Chocolate Creams is primarily chocolate brown and white. To make the biscuit stand out, we used brown type with ‘Creams’ written in a cloudy puff of white with yellow highlights to give it a creamy and playful effect. The highly legible “Creams” is easy to read by children, the target market. Crimped packaging for Creams, Cookies, Marie and Digestive as well as cartons were designed.



Choco CreamDoremon-75g

Orange Creams endear to children.

BourbonBourbon in a dark brown with elegant type fonts and color combination of red, gold and deep brown emphasizes richness

Bright and lively packaging for Chocolate Creams

Hobnobs packaging in satiny gold with red gives a royal appearance which distinguishes its appearance. The bar at the bottom highlights positive health aspects of the cookies.

Our end products were bold and lively, bringing out the superior food experience and maintaining the link to Mcvities’ long heritage. From the popular ‘Digestive’ for the health conscious to the lickable ‘Creams’ for a younger audience, Lopez Design successfully carried out a seamless design transition across all UB brands entering the Indian market. Even so, the biscuits are manufactured in India, the packaging has been designed to reassure you of the UB legacy. 


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