Getting ready for the roll outTube packaging

The 15th largest tyre manufacturer in the world, Apollo Tyres was looking to expand globally and move its ranking to 10th by 2016. A major hurdle was to overcome the issues of counterfeits and duplication in the marketplace. With growth in this industry, Apollo also faces increased competition from the global, local and unorganized sector. Local producers respond easily to the seasonal demands and emergency needs of their regular customers. In the branded range, it was hard to sway customers from MRF, perceived as a superior product. Yet, reports indicated Apollo’s presence was ahead of other prime players.

Apollo zeroed in on our design agency from the web. Their brief to us sought to maintain brand authenticity and distinguish their position by providing unique packaging for their tube products.

Design Process:

Our target was to capture the attention of LCV, ADV and SCV owners, agriculturalists, drivers of tractors and trucks, truck fleet owners and retailers.

Without formal packaging, Apollo’s tubes were being distributed in gunnysacks. Branded packaging today, is a necessary requirement in trade. With a simple incentive “Go the Distance”, we worked to showcase the image of Apollo as a top-quality engineered product that could withstand all conditions to travel many miles.

Product Personality:

We personalized the product by reinforcing the “Dabangg” image of Salman Khan to resonate with the brand. The packaging supports the product with keywords: reliable, supportive, engineered, seasoned, advisor, guide and genuineness.

Concept Generation:

Apollo exploration_3A

The first concept “Recycle” was based on the reuse of the packaging box of the product. The pyramidal moulded PP/PS plastic container with a debossed logo had a heat-seal base and tamper-proof design. After the tube is taken out, the form is such that the packaging can be converted to Flower pots.


Apollo exploration_2

Apollo exploration_3

Apollo exploration_4


Apollo exploration_5

Another concept explored the honeycomb pattern; the hexagonal container being stable in form offered good protection and the logo appeared appealing at its centre.


Apollo exploration_6

Apollo exploration_7

Apollo exploration_8

Apollo exploration_1

The third option “Cradle to Cradle” has agin a strong eco friendly connection to it, which is designed in a triangular shape and made  out of papier-mâché, that is a biodegradable. The lightweight, high resistance and rigid packaging can be vacuum-sealed.

Apollo exploration_3B

Apollo exploration_3C

Apollo exploration_9

Apollo Slide 3


Apollo Slide 2

Apollo Slide 5

Apollo Slide 4B

Apollo Slide 6 Front

Price points for the packaging were also maintained within an affordable range. The packaging was one of the many tools in the product marketing process. By reinforcing the statement about product longevity, reliability and quality, our distinctive packaging endeavoured to give Apollo’s tube products an enhanced position in the rising marketplace. However, due to other constraints, the client has yet to put the product in place.

Our team on the project Anthony, Mohan, Vaibhav and Jonak completed this project in 6 months. Vendor collaboration was Eric from First Pack, China

Client Feedback
Our clients were especially happy with the environmentally friendly packaging of paper mache that could be recycled. The spiffy packages that made the tyre a complete product were much appreciated.


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