Art meets enterprise at the Auto ExpoInstallation + Exhibition

Since 1979, Sterling Tools Limited has been engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of high tensile cold forged fasteners. This public listed company has grown to become a prime OEM supplier with an expansive client base over India, Europe and USA.

Lopez Design’s history of projects for STL in visual merchandising, brand image, website and brochure design goes back to 1994. At auto expos, technical and mechanical sensibilities generate a monotonous visual exhibit culture – STL wanted us to create a display for an expo that would stand apart from the rest.

The auto expo is great territory to make a visible mark by creating an  impression. We decided to approach the display design as an art installation targeting the potential customers for STL as well as their regular clientele.

STL’s fasteners, the nuts and bolts of enterprise, had to be integrated into the assembly. It called for an ability to visualize in real scale; we experimented with various parts, analyzing several patterns before finally arriving at a solution that could be executed. Prepared for this installation to weigh several tons, our design took into consideration the physical constraints of assembly and transportation.



Bolstered by mutton-curry dinners, we muscled up to the adventures of welding workshops, heat and dust, sometimes late into the night to create an intriguing installation.



“Furor Fervor”, our interactive exhibit, engaged the viewer and stood its own amongst the otherwise ubiquitous stalls of reds, blue and greys. The message came through; many parts make up the organization and hold it together but the structure can be remarkably different depending on how it is conceived. The three-dimensional ideation allowed visitors to have a sensory experience by touching and feeling the structure. It was like getting a physical grip on the organization. The display clearly showcased the strength of STL in its ground beliefs and its ability to stand out in a crowd.


Our clients loved it so much that they now have it permanently installed at their main plant in Prithla.

STL OLD expo



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