Blade Runners

Jai Surgicals is a certified ISO 9002 company that manufactures surgical blades of premium quality. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Jai Surgicals takes pride in attention to detail and keeping with international standards in their products. Their range includes safety scalpels, scalpels, dental scalpels, surgical blades, switch cutters and skin graft knife blades. Their target audience and buyers is a niche body comprising of the well-informed medical industry and its representatives. Our identity design and graphic collaterals aimed to propel a known product by impressing upon its reputation and clinical standards. 

The logo in blue with the logotype in black on a crisp white background enunciated a technically precise and sterile product. The logo was also enlarged and impressed into the background in a lighter shade of blue-gray  to render a sense of sophistication in the letterhead and envelopes by rendering a double impression. 

A crisp signature style was developed for the Surgeon logo that accompanied the letterhead and packaging. A light shadow was a subtle way of introducing the extraordinary gloss of surfaces that are used in surgical practice, indicating a perfected and highly sanitary product. 

The logo for Prima blades mirrored this approach of using reflections and light to make associations at a subconscious level for the buyer of the products. We wanted to signify products that are produced with excellent industry standards and manufacturing techniques and enhanced images with the sparkle of light. 


Dental-Box-2015_AWe designed the packaging and graphics, geared for the medical industry. Special features of the products were outlined and emphasis given to the advantages of the blades. A band along the bottom of the package was used to put in the main features for easy readability.

Jai-Leaf-Dental&Prima-AProduct brochures – Dental and Prima scalpels

The color scheme utilized green, blue and white to reflect a clinical and safe product. Red was used to bring out the safety features.

We aimed to make the brochures simple to understand and incorporated a corporate feel to the outcome that showcased the high caliber of manufacturing. 

Jai-Leaf-Safety-AProduct brochure – Safety scalpels

For the blades packaging, we used blue for Carbon Steel Surgical Blades and red for Stainless Steel Surgical Blades, keeping with monotones for easy identification on a shelf.

SS-&-Carbon-2015_ASS Surgical Blades packaging

Specifications of blades and other details were outlined in a brochure with a mix of primary colors on the blue and white scheme. All layouts were made for optimal clarity of the product, using photographic illustrations to show the precision blades. 

Jai-Leaf-Scalek&BladesProduct brochures – Disposable scalpels and Blades

Surgical equipment have to combine a comprehension of safety, reliability and accuracy: all three qualities coming together to render a superior product. Our graphic design package consistently delivered all these attributes across collaterals to embody a genuine and wanted product in the customer’s eye. 



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