Bolt and be beautiful

Once in two years, Lopez Design is entrusted with the exhilarating task of designing a head-turning exhibit for STL Fasteners (Sterling Tools Ltd) at the Auto Expo. This year for Auto Expo 2018, we threw ourselves a fresh challenge – how could we attract an audience to become curious to explore? The concept for the exhibit evolved as a totem that invites people to revisit the function of bolts with more than a bit of bling. From afar, the electroplated spikes shooting out at different heights appear like a glistening citadel, drawing you to discover. 

Coming closer, we can see that each spike holds a bolt attached to its end through a fascinating detail. The interest generated from afar is turned to a new kind of interest from up close. Subliminally, we addressed the idea that bolts, which we pay less attention to, are critical fasteners in any engineering. By celebrating the fasteners, the message sent to customers and visitors was that STL Fasteners is dedicated to manufacturing fasteners of superior quality. 

The display panels that hold the fasteners were designed in a nifty way, using a clever detail where a magnet is concealed behind a routed out portion on the panel. You can easily pull the fastener out, examine it and place it back in its precisely cut holding, where it snaps back into place. The ease of display, its clean sophisticated design and the participatory nature of the exhibit generated interest and invited the visitors to engage with the display. 

The main exhibit is constructed of MS pipes and fasteners which are electroplated in a copper finish that appears a luminescent gold lit by warm lights concealed under the base. We used a total of 451 pipes of varying heights, the tallest at seven and a half feet. The precision fabrication of the fasteners to the millimeter is celebrated in the micro details within the exhibit which can be discovered from a closer distance.  The display emphasizes the growth, ambition and energy of STL Fasteners by choosing an unconventional format and pushing functionality to grand heights. 



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