Building a cult with MontraIdentity + Product Graphics

The evolution of a brand is about the formation of character. According to the Greek philosopher, Seneca, Character is destiny. For the launch of the new bicycle Montra in the market, TI Cycles envisaged a strong, distinctive logo that would garner a cult following. Aimed at young people who aspire for social visibility, this bike was designed to combine exercise with fun. With a carbon-fibre frame, the Montra stands for mobility, flight and for the rider to blaze his own path.


The client was assured we would meet their brief for Montra, as we had already re-designed several brands and visual systems for BSA and Hercules, also of the TI Cycles Group. Previously, another design agency had created the identity for Montra. This logo had been rejected, as it closely resembled an existing identity. This posed a novel challenge for us – to successfully turn over a project that had previously run into legal issues.

Our operative words were power, lightness and flight. The Eagle symbolized these qualities and came up as the definitive image. The success of a brand identity is in its ability to be noticed wherever it is – on the crossbar of the bike, on the front shield, on the helmet. It must grab your attention instantaneously while also conveying uniformity. The logo of Montra was aligned on the bike-tubes for maximum visibility. The identity had to fit as a three dimensional display on the crest and this was something we had not done before. The superfluous merge of graphics with the bike created a product with appeal.





The project was completed in a short span of 6 weeks. We also supervised production aspects like emboss and de-boss to make sure that these processes on sheet metal would give the appearance we were aiming for. Our final package to the client included the identity design with a 30-page brand manual.

The eagle as a symbol is internationally recognized, but the form and shape it took at our studio gave it a special place. At Lopez Design we are proud of our achievement; it was not easy to create a symbol that distinctly stands out amongst a hundred others that draw inspiration from the eagle. A successful brand identity is like a unique fingerprint.

Despite the design wrapping up in record time, it took two years for the client to get the new identity of Montra registered.

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