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The largest UN organization in the country, UNICEF has a deep commitment to its mission here – to make sure every child develops to his or her full potential.

Till 2009, India reported half the world’s polio cases. To eradicate polio, UNICEF developed a strategy that empowered vaccinators to plug every point of contact. India’s dense population, poor sanitation and difficult-to-access destinations posed major challenges. With the introduction of the oral polio vaccine in 1985, two drops could save the lives of children from this crippling disease.

UNICEF embarked on an unprecedented drive with “Do boondh zindagi ki“, or “two drops of life”, to vaccinate every child. The national campaign mobilized two million vaccinators to reach more than 170 million children under the age of five. Even with the high degree of organization, this massive project was fraught with impediments, requiring fieldworkers to demonstrate tactical expertise at sites.

In February 2014, India completed three years without a single case of polio being reported. It is remarkable how people and faith together can bring about change, providing hope for India’s biggest asset – its people.

UNICEF visualized India’s story of triumph over polio as a coffee table book – ‘No More Polio’, a dedication to the monumental efforts of frontline workers. These anonymous vaccinators, health workers, community mobilizers, monitors, supervisors and influencers bravely marched miles to protect every Indian child against polio.

Having previously collaborated with UNICEF on designs for various programs and communication materials, the client felt they could rely on Lopez Design to produce a book of exquisite quality, for a very special release by the Prime Minister of India.

Told through the avid documentation of five photographers, the book aims at bringing together “the polio round”, to make people aware of the challenges faced on the field. Lopez Design weaved the explorations of these five photographers into a single story.

It was a tough crunch – with only two weeks to design and deliver the printed artwork. We strategized every intricate detail, squeezing in changes and content, till the very last minute.

Late night cricket games with the clients proved to be quite the stress buster! And in the end, we did win the match for a well-designed quality product.

The grid system was cracked, and the colour yellow was introduced. A bright dominant colour, it resonated with the original colour of the campaign. More horizontal than square, the book size was both a creative and practical choice that ensured minimal paper wastage. Photographs were spread over two pages, with visually appealing breaks. We cropped minimally, keeping the photographer’s vision intact. The print layout flowed naturally in the horizontal frame.

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