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The Club of Mozambique website with a compelling visual design and structured information portrays the nation as an attractive business destination. Our design journey towards the final solution.

Club of Mozambique

Conceived by Adrian Frey in the 1990s, Club of Mozambique was launched as a website that channelized news from varied sources in the area of property, economy and agriculture. By its very title, Club of Mozambique brings the small nation of Mozambique together as a club to promote business prospects. The original site offered information on how to start a business in Mozambique, news in business and culture, updates on property, ongoing events and a directory. Lopez Design was commissioned to revamp the site for the present climate. The new website design ambitiously aims to change the outlook of a nation through this portal making the country proud of its achievements. Vast quantities of information and available opportunities are made easily accessible.

Engaging through the web

The design team envisaged doing several things simultaneously through website design: creating a user experience, providing information and satisfying the specific purpose for which a user comes to a site. As the website of Club of Mozambique offered a vast territory that could be explored, the designers looked at this additional potential as a way to engage the user to discover what else the site has to offer than he or she came looking for. The primary target audience was identified as all those with business interests in Mozambique. The secondary audience was very simply – everyone else – tourists, visitors and people of Mozambique.

Aligning visual design with information structure

The website is based on a 7 column grid with pockets of 2 and 4 columns for various listings. The 7 column grid allows for a seamless adaptation to response versions with Tablet landscape retaining 5 column, 4 column for Tablet landscape and 2 column grid for the mobile.

The identity of Club of Mozambique is three squares in red, green and yellow that corresponds to the colours of the national flag of Mozambique. We tweaked the logo to align with the website. The visual design took its cue from the squares and fused it together with the aesthetics of material design identifying a certain colour with a category like red for NEWS, green for INVESTMENTS and brown for PROPERTY.  You can access all these categories by clicking on the header.

Colour palette


User friendly site

One of the challenges faced with the user experience was making the site navigation friendly and approachable. By widening the focus on NEWS to a wider palette, the design team increased the traffic to the site. From the earlier text-heavy outlook, a appealing visual interface was created by using the squares on a grid composition. Given the extensive categories with multiple sub-categories, the designers devised ways by which the user would have greater control over the information architecture. In navigating within a category, psychologically, the user does not feel like he has ‘left the page’ giving him a sense of comfort of ‘staying with the space’.

Widening the website reach

As per the Google analytics of the old website, there was a stark contrast between the time spent on the homepage versus the inner pages. The new website aims to offer “better organised and wider coverage of news” as well as “much more for everyone”, The design aimed to create an infinite loop of surfing experience for the user by introducing widgets, which help connect relevant sections with each other. Someone from BUSINESS can connect to INVESTMENTS and to the DIRECTORY.

What the website achieves

With its careful construction of information balancing graphic elements, colour and composition, the new web site shows Mozambique in a positive light, projecting how it is conducive to business and holistic growth despite it being a small nation. Marketing and Revenue Opportunities were brought to the forefront giving the client revenue generation opportunities, promising the sustainability of the venture.  A lot of effort was made to understand the requirements of the editorial team and the rest of the stakeholders.  The website was simplified and made easy to adapt, keeping the adjustments minimal for the client. The new design radically encourages the client’s team to continually create new content with an outlook to developing business.



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