Creating the PwC Experience
across IndiaBranded Space

Namaste and welcome to PwC Gurgaon!
The Hello Wall is a standard feature of PwC Receptions across the world.

PwC wanted to deliver its corporate message in a manner that stays fresh day-after-day, in spite of repeated viewing. Starting with Gurgaon, we have created branded environments at Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Mumbai, with more to come. Working within the Brand Guidelines, we created unique interpretations of the corporate message for each facility. While each environment speaks the PwC language, it does so in a dialect that’s all its own.

We interpreted the PwC message of ‘connectedthinking’ as a series of puzzles, which tease you and invite you. These were supported by interactive games which enable viewer participation, and not just passive viewing.

PWC-(960x530)_5 In the Waiting Lounge at Bangalore, the visitors can spend their time guessing how each word relates to the number 6, the floor number.

PWC-(960x530)_7 Yes, ‘bordeaux’ is connected to ‘republic’ by six degrees of separation.

PWC-(960x530)_1 The Texting Wall was initially launched as platform for motivational messaging, and has evolved into a vibrant forum for self-expression.

PWC-(960x530)_2 Scrabble was a hit from the word go. This image was taken about 15 minutes after installation.

PWC-(960x530)_3A Connect-4 provides a welcome break from work.


PWC-(960x530)_8 Motivational messages dot the employee areas in Bangalore.


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