Getting around DLF Garden CityWayfinding + Signage

DLF required way-finding and location signs for their project Garden City, in Sectors 81 and 82 as well as 86 to 95, Gurgaon. Lopez Design was hired to design a Way finding system and Signage Structures for the project, which included group housing and commercial properties, for all the sector roads and plotted areas in Sectors 91 and 92.

The signage brought the architecture and ethos of DLF Garden City together with the functional aspects of way finding.

The primary directional signage for 75 m wide road. The back side of the signage has the garden city branding, as is visible in the signage on the right for the reverse direction.

We mapped all the required sign types cross referenced to their messages for the optimal output.

Based on the architect’s brief – to create a signage system that follows the Mediterranean architectural theme in terms of form and style, several concepts were created and finally shortlisted to three options.

Various factors of visibility, ergonomics and installation were taken into consideration. The base structure of the pole was a crucial component as this had to be cast in mild steel. We explored several different forms based on Mediterranean patterns to evolve a final piece that met the aesthetic and technical considerations satisfactorily.

The complete design of the DLF Garden City signage with various system combinations shows directional signs for 75 m wide road, 60 m sector road and 24 m plot road.

The stainless steel components are finished in Copper Patina Green and the main sign plate is in Dark Green as per the final color scheme.

Intent drawings are made of all parts for fabrication to ensure we get the exact form and finish we visualized. Manufacturing details are carefully designed for production.

Ergonomic factors are taken into consideration when designing signage heights, text size as well as appropriate placement for visibility. The assembled signage is put together with all the details of production, treatment and graphics.

We made detailed technical production drawings for the prototype. Prototypes were then fabricated and rectified multiple times to get the desired rendition of the design.  The final sets of drawings incorporated all design changes and modifications for the production run of the system.

L to R clockwise: Details of the pole structure, connector pieces and top screw head,  base plinth with holes for fastening.

Destination Signage structure visualised for one of the properties of Garden City.

The Secondary directional signage visualised for 60 m wide road.

At DLF Garden City in Gurgaon, the project brought together our team’s graphic and product design skills in the best possible way. The scale of the project gave us a unique opportunity to bring out an exciting product that synchronized with an existing architectural theme. Our work with environments and graphic design took on a systemic endeavor. Beyond the graphic design aspect which addresses various factors like visibility, clarity, systems coherence and systems branding, we also dealt with the manufacturing of a product that is required to last through varying climatic conditions, outdoor handling and unexpected situations.




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