Hercules cycles identity redesignBrand Strategy + Identity

Redesigning the identity for one of India’s largest bicycle manufacturing companies

Hercules Cycles approached Lopez Design to redesign their existing identity in order to stand apart from other cycle brands in India and gain popularity with the existing target audience.

The approach required the design to be markedly different and garner the top space as the number one producer of quality bicycles and accessories in India.

We came up with an identity system that was unique, substantially differentiating the brand from any other cycle manufacturers in India. The new identity gives Hercules a strong place as a contemporary brand that truly understands the evolving target audience that has grown up with technology.





A study was made of all TI Cycles brands to understand the primary target audience. We zeroed in on the brand demographic – pre and early teenagers, who would be the main users of the Hercules bicycle. We launched on an in-depth research, in the first phase of which we interacted with dealers, doing purposeful sampling and telephonic interviews. In the second phase, we engaged with consumers and did purposeful sampling, recruitment through snowballing, in-depth interviews with kids and parents, visual ethnography and material culture mapping.


Creating a diurnal map showed us the typical day of a teenager and put the cycle into perspective of their everyday activities – where it would fit in.


Pan India phone studies with dealers were conducted to objectively gauge the product positioning. The target group dip-stick study was done on the field with Delhi-NCR as a typical sample area.


A mood board was developed to create a feel for what the associations of Hercules are. The strength, power and versatility of Hercules, a heroic figure, are explored through various metaphors and myths in forms of nature, animals and human characteristics.

After doing over 500 digital explorations over the course of a month we zeroed in on the final version of the “H” mark.



Logo explorations

We started by looking at how we can design a symbol that has its own character, inducing feelings of strength, and simultaneously with a contemporary outlook. From this point onwards, we did over a thousand sketches ranging from the Hercules lion to abstract forms derived from the myths of Hercules.


After doing over 500 digital explorations over the course of a month we zeroed in on the final version of the “H” mark.



The logo design was placed on a grid and the more complex construction was done and details refined


Strong and powerful – Hercules

The face of the Hercules brand signifies strength, power, and stability – all the defining features of Hercules, the divine Greek hero’s character.


The logo itself is contemporary while its roots are firmly planted in history. The use of colors and typography give it a defining characteristic.




We wanted the identity to be both dynamic and flexible. On many occasions, we found that the primary logo would not be the right fit. Therefore, we created a secondary logo which has a unique character compared to the primary logo’s logotype. It will be used in communications wherever the Hercules brand has been strongly established visually or dominates the landscape to the extent that only a supporting logo is required. The secondary logotype is derived from the primary logo.

Q: How do we reconnect the brand to the myth and make it exciting at the same time?
A: Herculean brand positioning.



Contemporary Hercules

It was essential that the visual design induce excitement and be inspiring.

We decided to blend traits of Hercules from mythology along with the characteristics we wanted the final identity to have. It needed to be powerful, independent and communicate strength; at the same time it had to be contemporary in its visual design.

We designed the mind map to come up with the characteristics we wanted the identity to have. The words highlighted in black are some of the more relevant keywords, and others are the keywords that the identity needs.



We wanted the identity to be strong and therefore we wanted it to be connected to the myth of Hercules. The challenge was to communicate this in simple language.

Be Powerful with hyphenation in “powerful” as power – ful brings forth the strength aspect in a simple and concise manner.


Color palette and typography – Moodboard

This was an important step in the creation of the brand language because this is where we could truly make Hercules stand out. Therefore, we created a mood board to help us communicate this in the most efficient and powerful way. The colors help us reach and appeal to the target demographic who are pre and early teenagers.


Identity pathways – Teaser communication

There will be a series of online and offline communication prior to the new identity launch. We went with Something powerful is coming as the main and only copy on the page along with zoomed in versions of the symbol itself to highlight the fact.

The clean and simple visual design makes the Hercules identity stand apart from the rest of the Indian brands who tend to favor busy layouts with a mixture of imagery, text, and graphic elements.








Application on T-shirt



Application on stationery


The simulation of the new Hercules identity was done to see how it would appear on large hoardings in public spaces


The placement of the logo and logotype were varied along with the tagline Be Powerful to identify the maximum impact on viewers


The tagline and logotype combination was done to demonstrate how the visual graphic would appear on trucks



Disclaimer: Please note this identity was produced by Lopez Design and is not implemented
by TI cycles.


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