Moving Innovation

A pioneer in the mobility solutions arena, JCBL Groups was established in 1989 with diversified interests in the automobile and pharmaceutical sectors. Today, JCBL is the largest mobility solutions provider in India. Their strengths have been in continuously innovating to provide world class solutions with the core vision to be market leaders. JCBL’s clients include Tata, Toyota, Ashok Leyland, Eicher, Daimler, Volvo and GE in the Automobile sector; Abbott, Sandoz, Merck, Glenmark, Novartis and Alembic in Pharma.

Their corporate communications had to reflect this international presence combined with a flair for innovative solutions at the global market level. Lopez Design designed their logotype, curving the B around the C to indicate progress through motion. This nuanced emphasis in the logo sets it apart in a singular way. Combining their interests in the Automobile and Pharma sectors, we used primarily blue and green bringing a fresh visual appeal to the corporate identity. 

Business-cardNewly designed visiting cards

The letterhead reflects the values of  organization and diversification effectively through typography and the use of rules to create designated spaces. The impressions of yellow horizontal lines in the graphics for CD and CD pouch emphasize movement and progress. 

StationaryLetterhead Design

This was the old logo, letterhead and envelope design. We moved away from the use of the “Jaycee Coach Builders Limited” to simply use JCBL, allowing for the wider interpretation of services in Pharma, Automobile and Mobility Solutions. 

JCBL Logo OLD & NEWExisting logo and letterhead on left, newly designed logotype on right

Playing with bursts of yellow against blue skies and ice-capped mountains, we interpreted the colors of earth, grass and sky to blurs of orange, green and blue to generate a current dialogue with the landscape subtly reminding JCBL’s outlook of being in the present. “On the road with JCBL” is the company’s assurance to its customers, of total commitment. 

Co-Brochure-1Corporate brochure

The ideas of transportation and technology are captured in the design of the pouch that similarly combines motion lines in colors easily identifiable with transport – blue and yellow. The darker blue of the background defines and assures respect and experience.  

JCBL-Pouch-FolderPouch folder

Kinglong-BrochureKinglong brochure

Transit qualities and aspects of being current and staying mobile are visually brought to reflect on JCBL’s ability to innovate and staying ahead in their field. Likewise, we combined olive greens and grays with luminous streaks to show a stable environment with the necessary pursuit of change. These are linked with visual snippets of transportation vehicles to show the caliber of enterprise. 

SpeedXL-brochure-1Speed XL brochure

The website pages explore the graphic passage of horizontal lines in other colors, drawing attention to the changing quality of JCBL’s effort – their diversification in industry and the industrial and technical nature of the job. 


JCBL web-1 (960x530)Website Page view

The overall communications design gives a sense of the journey of this firm and its firm establishment globally. Through many layers of web, brochure and communication materials we provided a complete picture that is reiterated through the graphic elements in a consistent manner to reflect on the achievements, quality and services provided by JCBL. 


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