New Media Smorgasbord at HeadstrongWebsite Interface Design + CMS Advisory + Application Development + Corporate Film

Headstrong is a financial services consultancy, ranked among the top 50 in the 2008 FinTech 100. They are headquartered in North America, with delivery centers in India and Philippines, and offices across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our relationship with Headstrong has been one of mutual trust, and has led to some very fine work in environments, web and interactive media, and print.


Flash Film (stills below) was developed to communicate the mission, vision, history and corporate philosophy to the visitors at the Reception.


The Digital Graphic Clocks are the interactive, community aspect at each facility. We created a Director-driven application that runs as on Plasma screens. With four columns displaying time and ever changing images in the background, it’s an abstract visual window into each city. A simple backend allows the employees to change the names of the city and update images accordingly, making it a unique community-driven display.




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