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How can a brand identity system be omnipresent and distinct by the way it is applied, instantly recognizable and relatable? That’s what we did for Nestaway, a fast-growing online portal for home rentals. This young enterprise began its journey with a mission to provide homes for everyone, without discrimination. The unique rebranding celebrates Nestaway’s inclusiveness and goes beyond by being youthful, humane and agile through a simple iconic ‘voice-box’.

Who is Nestaway
Nestaway aims to be a game-changer in the rental market by looking at ‘homes beyond houses’ with their open policies of ‘no discrimination’ and ‘no city is a stranger’. The seed was sown in 2014, when its four young founders embarked on a journey to solve problems that singles and migrants constantly face in a new city. Based on their own experiences of home-finding, they hit upon Nestaway as an online service for young people ‘nesting away from home’. In 2015, they registered their company in Bengaluru. Nestaway’s mission was not just to find homes, but also to help youth set up in a new city by providing basic amenities and convenient transactions. The steering vision was to make living easy and hassle-free.

A Fluid Logo
Increasingly, social media engagements define our personal space and ideas of expression. We visualized the logo as a ‘Voice Box’, as a platform for expressing ourselves. This is relevant and contextual to the market, and it promises to age well with time. Taking off from a secure square shape, the logo represents ‘a space you can call a home’. A small arrow is added, hinting how Nestaway nudges you to do many things by making you constantly take the next step. It is a flexible icon, which can stretch in different directions to hold messages and information.

The logotype and the logo together make up the identity. The logo is designed to be used independently of the logotype in several communications.

Branding for a growing enterprise
Nestaway’s core services are offered in the home rental arena. With Nestaway’s program, you can pick and choose what suits you, from just a bed, a shared room or shared house to an independent home. Nestaway manages over 25,000 homes across 14 cities in India, for more than 55,000 Nesties.

From the onset, Nestaway took on providing amenities and services, expanding to create engagement platforms. A Nestaway home is set up to give you a sense of belonging by addressing your concerns and needs, even beyond the walls of your home. All tenants are called ‘Nesties’.

The young and ambitious firm is eager to morph and adapt in different ways as it spreads its wings. The Nestaway identity encapsulates this fast-growing enterprise, constantly expanding its repertoire. The identity system is unconventional, constantly evolving as users find versatile ways of using it. The logo is memorable and easy to fit into various kinds of communications. It is bold, simple and compact in size, yet flexible, with the capacity to be resized.

Brand language
Nestaway is an Indian firm entrenched in the new consciousness of a fast-evolving India. This context is imbibed in our approach to the communication systems. We designed them to be nimble and ambidextrous, ensuring ease of use and flexibility. Our brand language for Nestaway responded to this need to be open, inclusive and flexible, providing many options. The ‘Voice Box’ container evolved as a powerful conversational platform. It is highly flexible and can be placed appropriately to get the maximum impact.

Nestaway aims to offer something for everyone. The firm’s primary offerings gives you choices of property-managed settings, independent homes or shared accommodations. Student homes are set up to give young people affordable options while pursuing their studies with minimal hassles of managing their living space.

Therefore, for both communications and expression of ideas, the firm deals with many levels of instructions for tenants, for employees and addressing the world at large. Keeping the tone simple, direct, confident and young, we created icons that reflect a vibrant brand that would deliver.

Why Nestaway – Because it’s easy
The branding had to show how the comforts and conveniences provided by Nestaway make it an obvious choice for the user. Nestaway emphasizes on the ease of moving in and living, making the stress of moving to a new city a positive experience. They hand-hold tenants through the process and get them settled. Further, Nesties have access to various platforms and activities, which enable them to make new friend circuits and get to know the city better.

Familiar spaces and engagement tools
The branding brought these aspects of ‘feeling familiar’ by creating varied touchpoints from fridge magnets, neighborhood tours, Nestaway-certified vendors and city maps.

We introduced comic characters who are simple, relatable models that resonate with spirit of the youth at Nestaway. Cartoons can be used to portray stereotypes, bringing in a dash of humour without being offensive, which is how Nestaway would like to be seen.

We also created a fun engagement tool called One Fine Afternoon, highly relatable for Nesties. Cartoons in the container form, carry on conversations or give commentary on current affairs and trending topics. These add another layer to the multi-pronged Nestaway branding, using basic forms to convey expressions and ideas. This ensures that Nestaway always stays relevant for the times.

We also created a fun engagement tool called One Fine Afternoon: cartoons in the container form carry on conversations or give commentary on current affairs and trending topics. These add another layer to the multi-pronged Nestaway branding, using basic forms to convey expressions and ideas, which Nesties can easily understand. This ensures that Nestaway always stays relevant for the times. 

Digital Products
A part of the project involved us in re-designing all their digital products, i.e. the website, iOS plus Android apps and the mobile site. For a small team to design all products, was quite a challenge. However, after months of rigour in understanding our users to building endless wireframes to finally taking the products live, we were able to achieve something that completely stood out from everyone else in this space, while also striking a chord with the youth, which are Nestaway’s primary target audience.

Please note that parts of the website and apps are still under development, and will be launched in phases.


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