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At Lopez Design, we believe good design is not an end in itself or a single pathway. We are always looking for sharper, edgier ways to the finest solutions. Design permeates through every medium and we make it work memorably to make lasting connections. Our medium agnostic approach enables applications across all media.

  • Mapping the mind for Headstrong

    Headstrong is a global company with offices in North America, Europe, Philippines and other parts of Asia Pacific and India. They identified Lopez Design and their brief to us was to reinterpret their brand and make it relate to users across countries. Here, the challenge for us was to bridge cultures with a unified approach. We ...

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  • Celebrating no more polio

    Print Communication

    The largest UN organization in the country, UNICEF has a deep commitment to its mission here – to make sure every child develops to his or her full potential. Till 2009, India reported half the world’s polio cases. To eradicate polio, UNICEF developed a strategy that empowered vaccinators to plug every point of contact. India’s ...

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  • A Bite of United Biscuits

    As packaging partner for United Biscuits, Lopez Design brought in a strong systems design approach, whereby the McVities brand assumed a distinct and strong visual differentiator along with a language which is consistent across the entire range of biscuits. All factors were balanced, making the brand stand out in a hugely cluttered and fiercely competitive market. ...

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  • Blade Runners

    Jai Surgicals is a certified ISO 9002 company that manufactures surgical blades of premium quality. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Jai Surgicals takes pride in attention to detail and keeping with international standards in their products. Their range includes safety scalpels, scalpels, dental scalpels, surgical blades, switch cutters and skin graft knife ...

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  • Building a cult with Montra

    Identity + Product Graphics

    The evolution of a brand is about the formation of character. According to the Greek philosopher, Seneca, Character is destiny. For the launch of the new bicycle Montra in the market, TI Cycles envisaged a strong, distinctive logo that would garner a cult following. Aimed at young people who aspire for social visibility, this bike ...

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  • UNICEF India HQ Environment & Interiors

    Space & Interior Design + Branded Spaces + Interaction Design

    An existing reception which looked very dull and old-style is now revamped into a space which is welcoming and modern, yet not cold and unfriendly. The custom designed wooden furniture with the subtle, earthy fabrics, the white accents and the effect of light, both natural and white, add a touch of class and warmth. The ...

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  • Accelerate progress, envision the future – Partners Forum 2014

    With over 650 member organizations, Partner for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) aims at providing a healthy environment for women, newborn, children and adolescents where they will continue to thrive. Having designed the previous two Partners Forums of PMNCH, Lopez Design was approached to design the identity and collaterals for their third forum in ...

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  • Germany + India Festival website

    Strategy + Interface + Technical Development + Social Integration

    The fifteen-month long celebration of the Year of Germany in India highlights collaborative programmes and projects reflecting different facets of urban life and development such as mobility, architecture, energy planning, urban art and cultural infrastructure. Lopez Design is the online strategy partner for the venture, working on the website design and development via a custom ...

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  • Painting a powerful picture of Congo

    For 50 years, UNICEF Kinshasa has been dealing with the insecurity of livelihoods, health problems, malnutrition and the trauma of violence in the volatile situation at Congo. UNICEF has made continued efforts for funding and resources to be made available. The survival of children and their stabilization are fundamental goals and the UNICEF offices work ...

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  • Creating the PwC Experience
    across India

    Branded Space

    Namaste and welcome to PwC Gurgaon! The Hello Wall is a standard feature of PwC Receptions across the world. PwC wanted to deliver its corporate message in a manner that stays fresh day-after-day, in spite of repeated viewing. Starting with Gurgaon, we have created branded environments at Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Mumbai, with more ...

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