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At Lopez Design, we believe good design is not an end in itself or a single pathway. We are always looking for sharper, edgier ways to the finest solutions. Design permeates through every medium and we make it work memorably to make lasting connections. Our medium agnostic approach enables applications across all media.

  • Headstrong creates an empire of the mind

    Brand Guardianship + Branded Spaces + Interactive Design

    Headstrong is a financial services consultancy, ranked among the top 50 in the 2008 FinTech 100. They are headquartered in North America, with delivery centers in India and Philippines, and offices across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our relationship with Headstrong has been one of mutual trust, and has led to some very fine work ...

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  • Getting ready for the roll out

    Tube packaging

    The 15th largest tyre manufacturer in the world, Apollo Tyres was looking to expand globally and move its ranking to 10th by 2016. A major hurdle was to overcome the issues of counterfeits and duplication in the marketplace. With growth in this industry, Apollo also faces increased competition from the global, local and unorganized sector. ...

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  • Colours and Textures of Nepal

    Space & Interior Design + Branded Spaces

    The UNICEF National Country Office of Nepal (UNICEF NCO) invited Lopez Design to refurbish its offices in Nepal. UNICEF is a global organization, admired for its warm relationship with people. This universal respect and professional standing had to show through a positive working environment, bringing cohesiveness and clarity to the organization’s functioning and identity. The ...

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  • Talbros Auto Expo


    Talbros is a leading manufacturer of automotive components in India, with products in four segments – Gaskets, Stamping & Rubber, Steering & Suspension, and Forging components. The components had to be showcased in a dramatic way, yet just making colourful graphics and glittering lights would not have been enough for the stall to stand out ...

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  • Reaching higher for ROSA

    Space & Interior Design + Branded Spaces + Interaction Design

    The UNICEF ROSA office at Kathmandu, Nepal provides training, programs and support to eight offices in the region and other humanitarian partners, aiding field workers to carry out their mission to protect and promote children’s rights. Having previously worked on multiple communication projects for them, UNICEF approached us to design their Regional Office for South ...

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  • This year, be their voice!

    Print Communication

    Save the Children is an international organization working in 120 countries for children’s rights towards a better future. In India, Save the Children has a presence in 15 states. The right to pursue happiness is a fundamental right. Yet, it comes attached with other words like food, shelter, health and security. Save the Children strives ...

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  • Culture curry at the Ernst & Young offices

    Branded Spaces

    A merry mix with something for everyone – that’s the best way to sum up the trio of Environment Design projects done for EY. The projects became a reflection of the urban Indian mindset, with a mash-up of popular Indian culture and global references. The content research was possibly the best part of it, with ...

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  • Revitalising the age-old Puri Oil Portfolio

    Identity System Design + Packaging Graphics

    The Puri Oil brand packaging design project accomplished to bring alive the true characteristics of Mustard oil to the legacy brand that has existed for nearly 70 years. With its distinct system design and messaging, it has enabled the brand to differentiate distinctly in the otherwise cluttered retail environment. The fresh approach to packaging graphics ...

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  • recruits senior managers

    Nomenclature + Identity + Website Interface Design

    ABC Consultants is a pioneer of organised recruitment services in India and has established itself as the best recognized recruitment brand nationally., their first online venture, is an exclusive offering for the Senior Management. The portal delivers with all the benefits of the online medium – confidentiality and convenience – supported by high-touch offline services such ...

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  • Trade comes closer with Handmade Kashmir

    Web Strategy + Information Architecture + User Interface Design + Content Management System

    The Handmade Kashmir website was designed for Crafts Development Institute, Srinagar. It is meant to facilitate knowledge dissemination on Kashmiri handicrafts, its uniqueness, history and manufacturing techniques. It is a platform for buyers and sellers, artisans, traders and craft groups to interact with each other. The visual design is functional and neutral enough to make ...

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