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At Lopez Design, we believe good design is not an end in itself or a single pathway. We are always looking for sharper, edgier ways to the finest solutions. Design permeates through every medium and we make it work memorably to make lasting connections. Our medium agnostic approach enables applications across all media.

  • Working outside the box with Mercer

    Branded Spaces + Environment Graphics

    As the world’s largest human resource consulting firm, Mercer has offices in 42 countries across the world. Re-emphasizing the importance of environment graphics in employee motivation, and with India becoming an important area of operation, we created an ‘out-of-the-box’ office space for Mercer which pushed your imagination while consolidating the brand internally.

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  • Jalan Sahba available online


    Born in Italy to an American stage actor and a persian architect, Jalan Sahba has staged for leading fashion houses and architectural studios while being associated with names like Karim Rashid. Jalan has led and spearheaded over thirty  international award winning projects and her work has been published in over two dozen international design magazines. Jalan’s ...

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  • Harvest Gold tastes success with a fresh branding

    Identity Programme + Packaging

    The Harvest Gold project is a triumph of strategy and design, working together to ensure success in the marketplace. While the identity of the proud baker humanized the brand, the first-of-its-kind transparent packaging differentiated the product in the crowded shelf, and catapulted the brand into the No. 1 slot. The visual programme covered all aspects ...

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  • The Telegraph newspaper’s online avatar

    Strategy + Interface Design

    The ABP Group is one of the oldest and most respected media groups in India. We are working with them to revamp the online presence of The Telegraph, their flagship newspaper.

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  • Pragati Offset showcases the spirit of India

    Brand promotion

    The Pragati Calendar is a visual feast. Indian in spirit, yet contemporary in look and feel, it interprets the group’s corporate values with dance mudras and cites popular legends. Each sheet is a rich tapestry of images and typography, rendered with cutting-edge printing techniques, such as printing opaque offset white ink, overprinting on holographic film, ...

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  • New Media Smorgasbord at Headstrong

    Website Interface Design + CMS Advisory + Application Development + Corporate Film

    Headstrong is a financial services consultancy, ranked among the top 50 in the 2008 FinTech 100. They are headquartered in North America, with delivery centers in India and Philippines, and offices across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our relationship with Headstrong has been one of mutual trust, and has led to some very fine work in ...

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  • A touch of magic for Whirlpool interfaces

    Sub-brand identity + User interface design

    Designed in Scandinavia, manufactured in China, and sold in India – Whirlpool’s tale is a familiar one in these days of the global outsourcing village.  Our task was to customize the products’ visual brand language for the Indian market. We streamlined the information design and standardized the visual vocabulary across the product lines. Standardized typography and the star mnemonic brought ...

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  • A bold and dynamic identity programme for STL

    Brand Identity Programme + Web Design + Print + Exhibitions

    STL, India’s second largest fasteners manufacturer,  is one of our earliest clients. In the course of our 10-year long relationship, we have created their brand identity programme, and reinvented their visual vocabulary twice. Along the way, we have created annual reports, websites, exhibition graphics, and a wonderful relationship of mutual trust. Visit The Brand Manual ...

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  • Sify’s online makeover

    As part of developing Sify’s Brand Identity Programme, we created templates and guidelines for the website templates, to enable Sify to align their plethora of web properties under a common umbrella. The system covered strategic identity and nomenclature revamps, image and typography guidelines, and iconography. Sify Corp is one of India’s leading integrated Information Communications ...

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  • Celebrating Punj Lloyd in its elements

    Brand promotion

    A 2 billion dollar diversified global conglomerate, Punj Lloyd had just got their identity revamped. They wanted the corporate calendar to reflect the change. A review of their previous calendars revealed similar looking mechanical and infrastructural images. In a calculated departure from what was expected, we designed a calendar system that paid tribute to the ...

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