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Lopez Design creates a unique brand identity system for Partners’ Forum 2018 championing the Forum’s success stories and its larger goals of improving the health and well-being of women, children and adolescents.

“Man is a social animal”, said Aristotle, further ratifying, “Society is something that precedes the individual.”

The Partnership of Maternal, Newborn and Children’s Health (PMNCH) emphasizes the need for people to come together to make change with this belief  – ‘Together which we can achieve, more than what any individual partner can do alone’.

Platform for action

1000 members of PMNCH from 77 countries will meet this December in New Delhi for the fourth Partners’ Forum. The Partners’ Forum 2018 will showcase six core themes based on the ‘Every Woman Every Child’ global strategy. Twelve case studies, two from each theme, will drive the program to celebrate their achievements across fields, where the success of each case study is attributed to partners from various sectors.

Lopez Design is commissioned to work on the Visual Branding for the Forum, having worked on previous Forums. This exercise began with creating a memorable identity and communications  for the curtain raiser in April where the identity was launched followed by a moderated discussion about the health of women, children and adolescents in India. In continuum, we will be creating a host of designs and several manifestations of the identity building up momentum to the main event in December.

The identity made with original Pipli craft on the scroll presented to the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi

Culture, craft and identity

The Identity and Branding for the Forum aimed to show the web of action that brings about grassroots change by sectors ‘coming together’. We looked at making a powerful visual to enthuse people forward to act in tandem. The branding for Partners’ Forum would be a culture, one that becomes many.

Principal of Lopez Design, Anthony Lopez emphasizes, “The entire premise of the branding exercise for the Partners’ Forum was based on a belief that identities such as these could emerge from culture, with the ability to connect with people with empathy.”

The inspiration for the symbol came from appliqué, a craft that is practiced in many societies across the world. In India, Pipli is a popular appliqué craft with origins in the eponymous village in Odisha. Pipli’s colourful and folksy elements of people and nature allowed us to create a vibrant visual language with universal appeal. From organisations and country-heads to youth, women and children in small towns and villages, everyone would instinctively connect with the handmade graphic elements.

Excited about the outcome, Anthony explains, “It is great even today you can create identities that are handmade. With hands shaping the form, it emerges with genuine intent and we have something that is authentic and real.”

From Pipli to the world

How the logo was visualised from sketch form to its final circular form

The six core themes come together as a ring of human endeavour, based on the paradigm of  ‘a world made of parts come together as a whole.’ Pipli gave the logo a sense of place, connecting with the Forum’s locale in India. The symbol for the Partners’ Forum brings out the country’s colourful spirit and takes it to a universal stage.

Placards and exhibit panels at the Curtain Raiser event in April 2018

We embraced the broad goals of sustainability, women and children’s health and empowerment of youth and women through the six priority themes, giving each its place. The beauty of our logo was how the individual elements could stand on their own in banners and modules as well as unite for a common cause in the logo.

Banners showing the graphic manifestation of the individual themes

The village behind the curtain raiser

We went back to the village of Pipli and sourced crafts-persons to replicate the design of the identity. The motifs of the six themes were sewn together and placed on a digitally printed white background to make a unique scroll packed into a specially crafted box.

The making of the Pipli scroll by craftspersons from Odisha to the final packaging in a specially crafted box

At the curtain raiser, the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi unveiled the identity, which was handed over by the key supporters of the Forum. The photograph of this milestone event was tweeted by the Minister of Health, Shri Nadda, and also Priyanka Chopra, Global champion for youth and girls empowerment.

At centre Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, second from left, Minister of Health and Family Welfare Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda, third from left Former President of Chile and incoming Chairperson of PMNCH Michelle Bachelet; to the right of PM, celebrity and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra and Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey.

Anthony Lopez says, “The Pipli technique not only connects it back to the craft and its people, but more importantly reflects on how this effort can shape the fabric of society.”

The identity will manifest in many forms and applications giving momentum to the convention and its purpose through such humanistic renditions. For Lopez Design, this is the core essence of the branding effort: a strategy which will hold its own, by articulating the premise precisely to reflect the true purpose of the Partners’ Forum and fulfil its long- term intent.



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