The Mercer soul comes to lightBranded Spaces + Environment Graphics

Lopez Design’s award winning design for the Mercer Noida office reflects a redefined ethos. Mercer wanted their office environment to reflect the rich and multi-layered corporate philosophy after recent changes undergone by their identity. Visually embedded in place, these principles would subtly filter into the consciousness of their workforce. 

Having already designed Mercer’s Gurgaon facility, Lopez Design was invited to continue the trail, maintaining connections between sites. We created immersive graphics for the Noida facility, where staff, clients and visitors could engage in the Mercer experience. 

The Tree of Value, visualized as values being embedded in our roots

A globally recognized leader in consulting, for talent, health, retirement and investment, Mercer’s vital asset is its people. We visualized themes, choosing metaphors that are part of enduring value systems, over two floors of the Mercer Noida office. The tree in its essential structure and progressive stages gave us the perfect source for our expositions in The Mercer Tree. The Tree of Value sprung from the roots. The strong trunk showcased talents in The Tree of Talent. Mercer’s areas of specialization became the branches of The Tree of Expertise. A fruit-bearing tree depicted the Tree of Success. A synchronous team effort realized the exhaustive Mercer Tree in record time. The five printed artworks were spread over 53 sheets of beautifully textured, specially ordered veneer. One of the challenges we faced, was working on fresh veneer, which curls as it is not completely seasoned. We laid granite slabs after printing on them, to keep them completely flat, to create exquisite graphics.

The Tree of Talent where talents come together to make a strong trunk

The Value Wall was made of etched-glass multi-panels. We zeroed in on 5 classical stories that are popular worldwide: The Thirsty Crow, The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Hare and the Tortoise, The Lion and the Mouse and The Boy who cried Wolf.

The Value Wall from childhood lessons learned from story-tales. On the left – “The Ant and the Grasshopper”. On the right – “The Boy who cried Wolf”

Customized etched panels bring the stories alive

A detail from The Hare and the Tortoise: stories bridge metaphor and memory

Mercer’s offices in 42 countries were mapped at the cafeteria as ‘The World of Mercer’. We visually translated the global position of Mercer, showcasing its rich and diverse community over 305 frames, spanning the cafeteria wall. Meticulous planning eliminated execution glitches. The culture, interests and peculiarities of every country were brought out through images of festivals, music, cinema and art, making the café wall the hub of interest for conversations.

“The World of Mercer” at the cafeteria with 305 images from all over the world sparking conversations

Detail of heroes of India in cricket and film

Images make the user connect with places all over the world and enriches the intellect

The breakout areas were designed to make employees feel like they were entering a different country. Sipping on coffee, looking out into Venetian canals, or at the Champs-Élysées in Paris, visitors found a refreshing change from the rest of the workspace. Minute details like little comics were also added to these large backdrops, which could only be seen on closer inspection, to further add to an atmosphere of relaxation in the breakout areas.

A slice of Venice in the breakout area

 Our concept for the break out areas tuned into the discovery of coffee. Two Mercer destinations on the “coffee route” are Istanbul and London.

Innovative kilim carpets were used to cover floor cushions and custom tables were designed for the theme of Istanbul

Stained glass windows and lamps for the Istanbul theme

Detail of tessellated stained glass

The luxurious theme set around Old London for a break-out area with coffered ceilings and oakwood furniture with leather motifs

Passage Graphics – Vantage point

While walking through the passages, a specific point of view coalesces the graphics into a clear picture. From this standpoint, a comprehensive view of a message that is actually spread across various planes becomes visible. The message seems to lie on an imaginary plane and transforms into an immersive and experiential space as the person walks through it. Projection mapping technique was used to achieve the anamorphic effect. The installation is synchronous with the various planes of reality Mercer navigates for its most vital asset – people.

Anamorphic art and Projection Mapping techniques in the corridor

The Faceted Entrance Walls

The multifaceted character of Human Resources that Mercer deals with – that each individual is unique and yet together they create a large spectacular picture – has been metaphorically depicted through two installations done at the entrances of the two levels of the office. One installation is a two dimensional tessellating pattern, using almost a thousand triangular pieces of rough Dholpur stone of different sizes on a thirty feet long, eight feet high wall. The other installation, on a wall of similar size, is an undulating three dimensional surface of pyramids and troughs made with veneer on a wooden backdrop.

An impressive Entrance Wall made of faceted plywood in three dimensional structure

Wall made with many triangular pieces of Dholpur stone

The physical attributes of working out and staying fit was characterized in The Fitting Stretch, the gym at Mercer.

The rendition borrows from the two components of working out – working out and stretching

We clinched the message with the longevity of the design. By choosing time-tested themes we made direct connections, experimenting within this framework to innovate. Even the Gurgaon office wanted a makeover like the new facility! The successful blend of visual design, planning, storytelling and excellence in production won us a CII design excellence award in environment graphics. We are currently designing and producing the third phase with radical ideas and experiments.


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