The presence of absence:
The Missing Pavilion

Lopez Design was invited to create an identity for The Missing Pavilion, a show curated by students of JNU. The collection brought together works of young and proficient artists Gauri Gill, Prajakta Potnis and several others. The constant absence of an Indian pavilion at the Venice Biennale instigated the theme: the artists drew from feelings of loss and frustration and their desire to be a part of the Venice Biennale to project our identity in the worldview and to represent India. 

Missing-Catalouge-1-(960x640)OP-1Show Catalogue

Our black and white graphic commentary drew from the notion of absence, to highlight the sense of a gap. This filtered into the visual dimension by leaving out the “i” – which is the very image of self and identity. The dot remains though, hovering above, allowing the puzzle of partial presence, like hope, to linger in the consciousness of the viewer. 

Missing-Catalouge-2-(960x640)OP-1Sample pages from catalogue

The poetic reflection of the artists explored emotions arising from the absence of our identity in the globalized world  in a contemporary language. This reflected in the design of our poster, wiping out a large portion of the typographical landscape, to make a bold statement aligning with the artists’ point of view. 

e-invite for The Missing Pavilion

The identity, poster, catalogue and e-invite cohesively echoed the sentiments of the show, impacting the viewer into the space of artistic intent even before he or she arrives. The venue for the show was The School of Art and Aesthetics (SAA) at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. It was on from 6th December 2014 to 10th February 2015. 

Poster for The Missing Pavilion


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