This year, be their voice!Print Communication

Save the Children is an international organization working in 120 countries for children’s rights towards a better future. In India, Save the Children has a presence in 15 states.

The right to pursue happiness is a fundamental right. Yet, it comes attached with other words like food, shelter, health and security. Save the Children strives to give children a chance to pursue a life free of hardship with the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

The client brief to us was to bring out the voices of children. How could their essential concerns be communicated to all who come in touch with Save the Children?

By adding the core values of the organization to objects that are used daily, Save the Children hoped to have a powerful impact on the users. Every new year, the organization releases a diary, a planner and a calendar. Through these, the client wanted the dreams of these children to be realized by their donors, partners, staff and families.

Our design approach was directed towards putting the user in the shoes of the child. We decided to subtly engage the person who owned the diary, to live these children’s stories – to empathize with their plight, and become more involved in the lives they lead.

As it was really important to share the narratives of change brought about by Save the Children, we picked 12 real life stories of children and the ordeals they have been through with photos that matched the content. For the written portions, we picked a font that mimicked the longhand script.

We designed a flipbook diary with a story for each month, combining utility with experience. When the pages are ruffled, the caricature of a child becomes animated – a little manikin appears, lifting a megaphone to blow a sound wave that amplifies. The viewers immerse themselves in the playful universe of the child.

We also created a freestyle calendar that allows users to pick their desired picture of the month. Repetitive elements in the design build connections to retain the memory of an image.

The third item, the planner, contains interesting doodles that users stumble upon looking at the pages – discovering a new one each time,  and organized free spaces to write in. Visually, the lines of the planner in the shape of waveforms, resonates with the power to impact, like voices rising to save the children. Our underlying message- ‘It is all in the user’s hands’.


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