At Lopez Design, we believe that design should not just
look good. It should work well, it should be memorable and
it should connect with the end user. In short we are awesome
and always hungry for good food.

  • A Bite of United Biscuits

    As packaging partner for United Biscuits, Lopez Design brought in a strong systems design approach, whereby the McVities brand assumed a distinct and strong visual differentiator along with a language which is consistent across the entire range of biscuits. All factors were balanced, making the brand stand out in a hugely cluttered and fiercely competitive market. ...

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  • Blade Runners

    Jai Surgicals is a certified ISO 9002 company that manufactures surgical blades of premium quality. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Jai Surgicals takes pride in attention to detail and keeping with international standards in their products. Their range includes safety scalpels, scalpels, dental scalpels, surgical blades, switch cutters and skin graft knife ...

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  • Getting ready for the roll out

    Tube packaging

    The 15th largest tyre manufacturer in the world, Apollo Tyres was looking to expand globally and move its ranking to 10th by 2016. A major hurdle was to overcome the issues of counterfeits and duplication in the marketplace. With growth in this industry, Apollo also faces increased competition from the global, local and unorganized sector. ...

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  • Revitalising the age-old Puri Oil Portfolio

    Identity System Design + Packaging Graphics

    The Puri Oil brand packaging design project accomplished to bring alive the true characteristics of Mustard oil to the legacy brand that has existed for nearly 70 years. With its distinct system design and messaging, it has enabled the brand to differentiate distinctly in the otherwise cluttered retail environment. The fresh approach to packaging graphics ...

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  • Harvest Gold tastes success with a fresh branding

    Identity Programme + Packaging

    The Harvest Gold project is a triumph of strategy and design, working together to ensure success in the marketplace. While the identity of the proud baker humanized the brand, the first-of-its-kind transparent packaging differentiated the product in the crowded shelf, and catapulted the brand into the No. 1 slot. The visual programme covered all aspects ...

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  • Branding Subhiksha’s private labels for success

    Identity Design + Product Graphics + Packaging Graphics

    We have worked with Subhiksha on three in-house product lines:  Oral Care, Home Sanitation, and Instant Noodles. Being mass market products, with a multitude of competitors, each one was a unique challenge. A distinctive blue pack with strong red branding helped Tacho get noticed on the shelves. Dr. Beam identity, packaging and product graphics for ...

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