A conscious choice: duck, wipe or wash?


It all started when Anthony Lopez went to use the washroom at the Bengaluru airport. Anthony recalls, “I was washing my hands when the chap next to me was yanking out paper towels by the score. I cringed watching him pulling out half a dozen to dry his hands!” This got Lopez thinking about how ...

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Lopez Design hired as brand consultants by leading diamond miner & trader


A world leader in diamond mining and trading has appointed Lopez Design as their brand consultants. The design agency will create brand strategy and positioning for products targeting Indian and global markets. Currently, the team is carrying out extensive market research on this brief to understand the jewellery industry. The scope of this project will ...

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Made in March


Dear Readers, Greetings! Made in March, the first edition of the LD Newsletter this year is themed around the changing perceptions of design. Design is a word that is so flung about that it penetrates not just every profession but every act of life. Whether it is arranging a kitchen or organizing an industrial work yard ...

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The brand new face of the Indian millennial – part 1


Born in the era of liberalization, youth in India are harnessing the forces of technology, communication and branding. These are also worldwide phenomenon. How is young Indian identity being shaped specific to this land’s culture?

Anthony Lopez, Sujatha Shankar Kumar, Ruma Dhingra & Research team

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If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

3. whats-next_1

A short account of the What’s Next confluence by Pearl Academy. The aim: “This two-day confluence aims at stimulating and inspiring participants to foster innovation and creativity, seek attention of cost-conscious and environmentally-aware consumers, discuss, debate and articulate the impact design will have in building our nation for the future.”

Written by Shivani Prakash

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Living by design


Can life learn lessons from organic farming? Harsh Singh Lohit tells us about his venture Aman Bagh. A big conflict for humanity today is our self-imposed constraints to constantly compete and succeed, thereby revoking a harmonious lifestyle. There is less time to experience the world as we are processing it simultaneously.

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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A delectable feast


Our Saturday Forum on the first Saturday of every month is a smorgasbord of creative culture. The table attracts the best of the best and all of us who gather savour every bit, condition being that every invitee must present. Our curation has meandered into the prettiest of paths and has yielded great benefits by a natural flow.

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November Lights

Dear Readers, Greetings for the Diwali season! While we celebrate this is also a time that brings an urgent reminder, exposing a different picture under the bright lights. Along with the sparklers and crackers that herald this time of year, we start moving into winter and there is a massive amount of pollution. News reports ...

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Outsourcing the modern:
The split worlds of Bollywood design


Kaushik Bhaumik on how the visual design of Bollywood films contradicts the contemporary-ness of Indian lives in the real world by outsourcing its modern aspects, making us contemplate how cinematic design influences culture.

Written by Kaushik Bhaumik

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What’s next in line


They are quick, savvy, confident, multitasking, impatient and driving change. On the brink of a new era, they no longer look for advice from an older generation. On the contrary, if you are above forty-five, it is more likely you will be asking them what to buy, where to go and how to fix it. ...

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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Type and the City


A team from Lopez Design went out to discover typography in the environs of Delhi: Ruma Dhingra knits together the narratives of the city’s history and culture through the mirror of type.

Written by Ruma Dhingra, Images courtesy: Lopez Design

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From type to textile


Akila Seshasayee talks to Sujatha Shankar Kumar about her foray into textile design and how it is informed by her graphic design sensibilities Three years ago, graphic designer Akila Seshasayee found herself drawn to her first love – textiles, a natural crossover as she recalls, “I actually wanted to study textile design at NID, but ...

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar, Images courtesy: Akila Seshasayee

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Packing it all in


Forums at Lopez Design are held in the first Saturday of the month. The platform was started with the need to initiate dialogues between creative professionals as well as others from related fields in a purposeful way. Over the past year, the Lopez Design Forum has evolved to become directed and organized, promoting healthy debates ...

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar, Images courtesy: Lopez Design

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Indian August


Dear Readers, Greetings! If I think back to my earliest view of what design was all about for me – much before I actually found out –  it brings back a feeling of adventure, imagination and discovery. Designers are fundamentally problem-solvers. I believe each one of us gravitates to this creative field because we want ...

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Good design: A necessity not a choice


Sujatha Shankar Kumar writes on the 2007 India Design Policy in relation to the fundamental need for good design.

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar, Image courtesy: NID

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Learning for life:
The universality of design pedagogy

Exhibition designer and educator Arundhati Mitter writes about how design thinking needs to be considered in new light in education to explore and apply oneself effectively in the 21st century.

by Arundhati Mitter

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A Tryst with Type


Soumya Parker interviews veteran graphic designer and teacher Mahendra Patel giving us a glimpse into his world of typography.

Interview by Soumya Parker

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Thinking, Speaking and Acting by Design

Ruma Dhingra on how design methods can bring about social change through communications design.

Written by Ruma Dhingra

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Pool Magazine talks about the Lopez Design’s Collaborative Forum

final four

Dovetailing TogetherRuma Dhingra explains how branding and communications firm Lopez Design facilitates collaborations through an intimate, diverse and creative Forum  Graphic designer Anthony Lopez, founder of Lopez Design, had a dream and it began with his pet mission of widening the scope of design through the very essence of what all of us human beings are ...

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May Missive

Dear Readers, Greetings! As the heat turns up and we all go looking for cooler spots, our summer issue comes to you on a slightly broader note. Our work has become increasingly collaborative in nature and as communication comes to the forefront in the 21st century through technology, we are engaged in a vast and varying discourse, ...

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Branding for the University:
Creating Productive Spaces

“A positive learning climate in an university for young students is a composite of many things. It is an attitude that respects students. It is a place where students receive guidance and encouragement. It is an environment where students can experiment and try out new ideas without fear or failure. It is an atmosphere that ...

Ruma Dhingra with inputs from Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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The Medium and the Mess(Age)

Working across media – a website, a movie and an innovative stall for the Auto Expo for STL As we navigate across the globe with a cell-phone in our hands, communication is increasingly become palm-held and centered. Simultaneously, news perpetually spills words across pages and screens such as ‘interdisciplinary’, ‘multi-media’ and ‘cross platforms’. A device ...

Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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A driving force:
The future of branding in India

Anthony Lopez shares his views on the expansive role of identity & branding and the greater onus on the Indian designer.  SSK: Do you see a change in branding with the incentive for ‘Make in India’? AL: There has been a constant shift in how companies brand in context to their audience. Today, brands are increasingly looking to ...

Interview by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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Art & Public Space:
Changing the way we behave


“I have a lot of regret that we are leaving this place – with my husband’s retirement, we are shifting elsewhere. I always felt proud about living in this house and would cut out newspaper articles which featured the wall and showed it to people,” says Rajni, a housewife living in Lodhi Colony. One of ...

Written by Ruma Dhingra

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Club of Mozambique:
A portal for business


The Club of Mozambique website with a compelling visual design and structured information portrays the nation as an attractive business destination. Our design journey towards the final solution. The origins of Club of Mozambique In the 1990s, Adrian Frey, a UK based consultant saw the potential for the small nation of Mozambique to formally bring its services and needs to ...

Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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The Metro:
A Space that can offer much more

With so many people spending some fraction of their time in the metro, can it become a space for spreading a strong message to a wider audience? “The metro is a fantastic proposition providing a convenient service”, says Anthony Lopez, founder of Lopez Design. He notes that the metro has allowed people to explore new opportunities ...

Written by Ruma Dhingra with inputs from Ankita Singh and Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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The Human Touch


Amitabh Pandey from Patna shares his inspiring story of traffic control by engaging design methods with people intervention Around 1995-96, after graduating from NID, communication designer Amitabh Pandey was selected to join the team of Apple Computers at Cupertino for their recently launched product called the Newton. “It was an early version of a tablet ...

by Sujatha Shankar Kumar with illustrations by Sumit Roy

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February Fever

Dear Readers, As the nip of winter leaves, we wanted to indulge our community with an engaging series of articles on signage in India. There have been few who have not been enticed by the curious signs in our country that pop up on the rear of auto-rickshaws and sides of lamp-posts. Phone numbers of ...

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Reaching across borders

Lopez Design talks to designer Atja Apituley from Mijksenaar, Netherlands based design firm and architect Michel van Ackere from Maki and Associates, Tokyo about the development of a language for signs, wayfinding and architecture in the background of the three firms’ joint work in India.

Interviews by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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A natural sign language

Lopez Design’s recent project at WTC Noida combines aspects of nature and environment with graphic design and sculpture to render a holistic system of signs and wayfinding apparatus.

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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Signs for India:
From old ways to new directions

In conversation with Rahul Gore, Principal at OPOLIS, Mumbai and Suparna Bhalla, Principal Architect at Abaxial Architects Ltd, New Delhi we examine their interesting and revealing perspectives on signage in modern India placing design evolution of signs and way-finding in our cultural context.

by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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Connecting to stimulate

Once a month at Lopez Design we throw open our studio doors to other creative and academic professionals, coming together as a group to collaborate and exchange experiences. This January, we had four participants - Architect Vrinda Jariwala, Social entrepreneur Tanveen Ratti, Artist and Illustrator Uttam Sinha and Rat-LAB founder Architect Sushant Verma. Read about our January 2016 Saturday Forum!

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar with inputs from Ankita Singh, Deekshit Sebastian, Prachi Grover & Anshul Kapoor

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Creative Gaga: Discover the brands which speak!


Word Connect Brand communications is a lucrative channel of design as brands become increasingly conscious of how they appear in the market. Brand Communications Firm, Lopez Design seems to have developed a formula for what works best. From typefaces to colour, digging deep into the language of branding, they talk about crucial factors that can ...

Creative Gaga - Jan/Feb 2016

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Placing your money pile on success

Design is often considered a luxury or fashion statement in India and consequently its evolution has been more in such segments – fashion, hospitality and wedding. The Delhi wedding is an extravagant affair, more than ever a sign of affluence and a point of showcase of status in society. Hosts aim for fancier, star studded and ...

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Designing for Direction

A few months back, we were trying to find our way to a forest reserve on the outskirts of Auroville. At one point, we were surrounded by red mud lands and unpaved roads, tracks on the dirt alone leading the way. In desperation, I called the Program Director, a young man called Harsh, who asked ...

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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Branding: from being to becoming

When we talk about branding, a Greek term comes to mind. It is a sign one is likely to find over many a doorway “Gnothi Seauton” meaning Know Thyself. In simple terms, when we design a brand, we are going after this essence of “Who are you?” and then “Who do you want to be?” ...

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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November nuggets

Dear Readers, We are delighted to present the November issue of our newsletter! We pause a moment to pay tribute to a wonderful educator, dear friend, prolific design thinker and ardent agent of change – M.P.Ranjan, who has left us all too soon. It is his birthday on 9th November and we remember him fondly. Amongst his ...

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The Right Ingredients

The second line of our design Manifesto says, “We can do anything with the right ingredients.” It hung over our noses temptingly. Design for us has always been about cooking up something. We guess it comes from our love for food. Whipping up a meal can be very basic to superbly extravagant. But, we felt, ...

Photographs and story concept by Maanas and Prachi

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Making Waves

A link to nature The GOSS Aravallis office of Mercer is situated in the backdrop of the low-lying Aravallis in the lush surrounds of a bio-diversity park. Here, we had to create a vast set of graphics all over the Mercer offices. Our challenge was to be different yet maintain the link with the enduring ...

by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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A Bridge to the Wisdom Tree

The Bihar Museum opened its Orientation and Children’s Section in Patna on August 7th 2015. This is a planned history museum envisaged by the Government of Bihar. Read about our amazing journey in the branding and communications project towards the challenge of “awakening the glory of Bihar”

by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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Let walls do the talking

POOL invited Anthony Lopez to give a talk on aspects of communication design at the Oxford Bookstore. This is 4th in the series of talks organized by POOL. Anthony’s talk covered the various branding for corporate environment initiatives by Lopez Design as PwC, Mercer and UNICEF. The subject of his talk Visual Landscapes: Creating Conscious Branded ...

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MP Ranjan: for the love of design


Indeed, besides being wonderful thinkers, great humans, inspiring teachers and passionate people both Ranjan and Aditi managed to keep going despite all odds and continued working relentlessly for their love for design in India. We are aware that Ranjan had many impediments to face in his course and strangely, though he lived design in every way ...

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Kyoorius magazine: Becoming one


Often, as designers, we are prone to lamenting how a certain concept that was brilliant was not accepted by the client or an idea you proposed was squashed by the team. Somewhere, there is this bothersome thought that the solution could have been better, “only if”. And yet, good design is not just about executing ...

Kyoorius Magazine 26, July & August 2015

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Kyoorius Dialogues: Amplifying absence with the Missing Pavilion


India’s continued absence at the Venice Biennale since 1947, except for sporadic appearances, has been a source of major concern and disillusionment in the Indian art world. The Missing Pavilion, an exhibition sponsored by the Shivadasani Inlaks Foundation and curated by students of the Visual Arts JNU, Delhi generated a dialogue on the presence of ...

Kyoorius Dialogues - July 21, 2015

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Awarded India’s best brand design studio


All of us at Lopez Design are thrilled to have won India’s Best Brand Design Studio award 2015 at the Pool Magazine Design Awards. Our name was first nominated by Industry peers as well as on social media survey and this makes us especially proud and happy. It is certainly nice to win awards but ...

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Creative Gaga: Packaged Advice


CG: What are people’s perceptions towards packaging? Is it something they rip off and throwaway in the bin, or has packaging evolved than to simply ‘pack’ products? Anthony Lopez: Packaging falls into various categories, each with its special purpose. We find, in every case, packaging has evolved to superior performance at one end and a ...

Creative Gaga - March/April 2015

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The Frooti Revolution


For numbers of Frooti lovers growing up with the drink, the new packet is anathema. “Mango Frooti, fresh and juicy” reminds us all of summer vacations when thirst was quenched with a luscious mango drink. Frooti was the very first to be introduced as a convenient tetra pack in India.  Today, the market is overwhelmed with tetra ...

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Kyoorius magazine: Where the environment reflects the identity…


A few years ago, Mercer, a multinational consultancy, underwent a series of significant changes starting with the arrival of a new CEO, who introduced a new vision and mission for the organisation. Additionally, Mercer also refreshed its identity to visually establish its connection to its parent company – Marsh & McLennan Companies. To start anew, ...

Feb 10, 2015

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Bihar Museum Brand Identity


In 2011, Lord Cultural Resources from UK, the world’s foremost designers for cultural institutions, were commissioned by DACY (Department of Art, Culture and Youth), State of Bihar to facilitate a new museum in Bihar. The present Patna Museum is almost 100 years old. Lord envisaged a brand new space that would invigorate interest in the ...

Feb 05, 2015

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CII Design Excellence Award 2014

CII_Mercer Awards

Lopez Design wins the CII Design Excellence Awards 2014 for the best environment branding for the Mercer Noida project. To know more about the project please visit

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Finding your way in DLF Garden City


Lopez Design is commissioned for the Way finding and Signage system Project for the entire DLF Garden City in Gurgaon. DLF Garden City is spread over 1000 acres and covers parts of sectors 81, 82A, 86, 90, 91 and 91 in Gurgaon. Over 110 acres is being developed for residential living, plots attractively set amidst ...

Jan 08, 2015

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Creative Brands: Soul View


With reference to your work with Headstrong, you say that your brief was to “reinterpret the brand and make it relatable, engage the users and bring a smile on their faces. The challenge IffY in revitalizing the existing visual vocabulary, while communicating tbe corporate values”. Your posters stand out – ‘Excellence’, ‘Openness’ , ‘meet talk ...

Creative Brands - Sep/Oct 2014

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The thrifty vendor


It’s always nice to go back to my home town Ahmedabad, as my associations with familiar things and places run deep. Coming home is about great food. And food is high up in my list of priorities as it is for many. It is a basic need that has evolved in a complex way with many ...

By Anthony Lopez on Oct 15, 2014

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Miracle Brands


The Velankanni shrine is known for many miracles. It is said that at this site 12 km south of Nagapattinam in 1560, the Virgin Mary made an appearance in front of a shepherd, asking him for milk for Baby Jesus. The shepherd returned promptly to fulfil her request and ever since then, his pitcher was ...

By Anthony Lopez on Sep 14, 2014

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Passing Shots


I like to make life relevant to art that I see and not just shoot art. It’s important for me to somehow relate to things that pass us by and we miss most times. I can any day get my hands on a print or copy of the artwork – so, I did want to ...

By Anthony Lopez on Aug 30, 2014

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Designing for many Indias


The excitement of being a jury member at the Kyoorius D&AD Awards was being able to go through a wide body of work coupled with discussions on the work with fellow jury members. At the dinner table, the day before the jury process, I happened to sit across Michael Johnson, an eminent designer from London, ...

By Anthony Lopez on Aug 24, 2014

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A strange twist with tomatoes


There are two kinds of fights – for and against. But there is also the fight with. Let’s take the case of the tomatoes. A fight usually begins when we lack something. Like these days, when the tomato is a scarce commodity. There’s a huge hubbub at the Indian marketplace. No one knows why tomatoes ...

By Anthony Lopez on Aug 17, 2014

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The Binding


We all tie, but we tie in different ways. Sidi Saiyyed was an Abyssinian in the army of the Gujurat Sultanate. He tied two kinds of trees into the image of the jaali. On the tree trunk nearby, Hindus tie scarlet threads and the effect has a random energy. It allows for chance and intervention, for fate or destiny.

By Anthony Lopez on Aug 12, 2014

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Why manholes?

Autumn in Amsterdam

People ask me why I bother shooting manholes when I show them the pictures. Well, dammit. I don’t know. Because the manhole is there and it stands out. It’s there and people walk all over it. Cars, trucks and scooters whiz over. Well, it’s there and there’s stuff happening below it. A world of sinks, ...

By Anthony Lopez on Aug 05, 2014

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2012 & 2016 Olympic logo designs


London’s much argued logo for this year’s Olympics was born out of two words – Urban & Youth. Its’ jagged edges reflect dissonance and high energy. The Rio 2016 logo on the other hand, celebrates passion, transformation and the Cariocas. It’s fluidity, natural form and fusion paint an identity that reflects the Rio landscape and its’ ...

By Anthony Lopez on Aug 23, 2012

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Anthony speaks at DesignYatra 2009


Anthony Lopez, CEO and Principal Designer of Lopez Design Pvt. Ltd., represented the Indian design community at Kyoorius Designyatra 2009, India’s premier annual design conference. Held in Mumbai from 4-7 September, this year’s event had Netherlands as the partner country. ‘The New Norm’, the theme set for this year’s Designyatra is to encourage thinking beyond ...

By Anthony Lopez on Sep 09, 2009

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FORMS Magazine: Hey Ernst & Young


‘People who demonstrate integrity, respect and teaming; people with energy, enthusiasm, and the courage to lead; and, people who build relationships based on doing the light thing’ – if you think this is a lot to expect from a person at his/her workplace, think again. This value statement of Ernst & Young, one of the ...

FORMS the design magazine - Volume II - Issue VIII

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Collaborative Effort


On entering the Bhuramal Rajmal Surana jewellery showroom in the posh locality of Greater Kailash in South Delhi, you would expect to find an interior space as ornate and colourful as its collection of exquisite Mughal and diamond jewellery. What you’ll see instead is a space that spells simplicity without the fuss and the glitter. ...

Indian Design & Interiors - July 2006

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Economic Times: Anthony Lopez bets big on design


AN ALUMNUS of National Institute of Design, with specialization in Visual communication, Anthony Lopez is a man with a mission – that of getting design its due recognition and respect as an integrated marketing tool. When Lopez dealt with clients a decade ago, he was at pains to explain that he wasn’t an “artist” but ...

The Economic Times - 4 December 2005

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Timeless timeframe – Best Graphic



Business world - 20 December 2004

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Architecture + Design: On Graphic Design


In India, with the opening of the economy in the early 90s, graphic design in general and corporate identity in particular received a big boost as Indian industry braced itself for the international market. From posters to magazines and books to industry at large, graphic design has been an integral part of our modern lifestyle. ...

Architecture + Design, April 2004

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