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Made in March

Dear Readers, Greetings! Made in March, the first edition of the LD Newsletter this year is themed around the changing perceptions of design. Design is a word that is so flung about that it penetrates not just every profession but every act of life. Whether it is arranging a kitchen or organizing an industrial work yard ...

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The brand new face of the Indian millennial – part 1

Born in the era of liberalization, youth in India are harnessing the forces of technology, communication and branding. These are also worldwide phenomenon. How is young Indian identity being shaped specific to this land’s culture?

Anthony Lopez, Sujatha Shankar Kumar, Ruma Dhingra & Research team

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If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

A short account of the What’s Next confluence by Pearl Academy. The aim: “This two-day confluence aims at stimulating and inspiring participants to foster innovation and creativity, seek attention of cost-conscious and environmentally-aware consumers, discuss, debate and articulate the impact design will have in building our nation for the future.”

Written by Shivani Prakash

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Living by design

Can life learn lessons from organic farming? Harsh Singh Lohit tells us about his venture Aman Bagh. A big conflict for humanity today is our self-imposed constraints to constantly compete and succeed, thereby revoking a harmonious lifestyle. There is less time to experience the world as we are processing it simultaneously.

Written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar

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A delectable feast

Our Saturday Forum on the first Saturday of every month is a smorgasbord of creative culture. The table attracts the best of the best and all of us who gather savour every bit, condition being that every invitee must present. Our curation has meandered into the prettiest of paths and has yielded great benefits by a natural flow.

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