We are excited to announce that Lopez Design has won two Pool Awards – for Best Graphic Design Studio 2018 and Best Graphic Design Project 2018.

We take this occasion to reflect on our journey as an ambidextrous studio pursuing multidisciplinary practice, exploring how design permeates many layers – as graphics, in physical spaces, in the digital realm and in influencing behaviour. Through design, we have attempted to mould people responses and shape positive experiences, changing the way how people feel, work and live. Our work reinstates that “Design is a way of life”.

This has been a long journey to evolve the language that informs us and our audience widely under Western precepts to shape an Indian way of thinking – not to make something Indian-looking by artifice but to adopt the Indian path of minimalism, indigenous methods in art and architecture, redefining craft in design and most of all – being pertinent to local context and needs. Design language is like speaking in our native-tongue – we have to be entrenched in it to be wholly genuine in our design intent. 

The BEST GRAPHIC DESIGN PROJECT award was for our Identity design for Partners’ Forum 2018. This initiative by PMNCH will bring together 1200 partners this December in New Delhi for Partners’ Forum, leading with their Every Woman Every Child Global Strategy. The identity we designed brings together the six core themes of the Forum in the form of a ring, showing their cross-sectoral efforts all coming together to make a change. Inspired by Pipli, a local applique craft of Odisha, the identity is rooted in India while garnering universal appeal. The identity itself was revealed in the form of an authentic Pipli cloth scroll specially crafted by artisans and presented to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at a curtain raiser earlier this year.

The themes of the upcoming convention are rendered in the appealing folksy graphic style of the craft. This unique effort bridges the themes of the Forum, taking its grassroots initiatives further to celebrate and rejuvenate handcrafting. 

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