Charuvi Agrawal

Animator | Film Maker
Charuvi Design Labs

Charuvi, an animation filmmaker and artist, is the founder director of her animation studio CDL. She collaborates on projects with numerous filmmakers and brands on visual effects and art direction while she pursues her independent projects at CDL. She is known for her large installations and the largest is in the LIMCA book of records. Her foray into the arts began during her education in Delhi Art College where she found her interest shifting to sculptural installations rather than traditional paintings. She showed us select models from a range of caricaturized miniature clay figurines of eminent personalities. These are created with great detail and humour.

Charuvi embarked on a new journey with animation when she joined Sheridan College of Animation in Canada. Returning to Delhi, she started her animation design studio CDL and began pushing the boundaries of the medium with highly experimental work.

At the Forum, Charuvi dazzled us with glimpses of her animation films out of which her biggest achievement has been her own 3D animation film visualizing The Hanuman Chalisa made in 2014. We saw the promo of this critically acclaimed film, which showcased the intricately detailed and rich visualizations of the verses, recited by millions of Indian everyday. Charuvi’s love for installation art has led her to create large-scale creations using challenging and experimental media. In context to the film, she created a 25 feet tall Hanuman sculpture using 26,500 small brass bells. Visitors can place their hands on a pair of ‘Ram’s paduka’ placed in front of the installation to press a button which makes these thousands of bells ring simultaneously.

Using the latest interactive technology like augmented reality, Charuvi desires to make people participants in her art and not just be viewers. Her aim has always been to create impactful work and she bridges art, technology and visual effects in her endeavours. Charuvi’s work spans tradition, especially in its content. Her art captivates the senses and stirs sensations, mesmerizing and drawing you into her world and beyond.

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