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Made in March, the first edition of the LD Newsletter this year is themed around the changing perceptions of design. Design is a word that is so flung about that it penetrates not just every profession but every act of life. Whether it is arranging a kitchen or organizing an industrial work yard for better flow of work, design becomes an inevitable part. In what way do designers make a difference? Is it because we are trained to think a certain way and we go through a definite process to arrive at a solution? What then of the increasing number of creative professionals who drift into the field without formal training, but more than manage to carve an exclusive niche? Unlike a lawyer or a doctor who can only claim the title if they have been through a degree and then trained in the field, anyone can call himself a designer.

As design professionals, we aim to bring you something not just a notch up, but solutions that holistically address a problem. We also do it by systematically addressing change and looking at the future to see how our solutions will bring long-term benefits. This issue looks at the range of ways in which people bring creative thinking to life and how design thinking can benefit society in ways never imagined before. A delectable feast talks about our February Forum and the radical paths people have taken to use creativity – from photography, farming and quilting – to solve real world problems. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? by Shivani Prakash is a young designer’s viewpoint of the What’s Next confluence by Pearl Academy to understand how design will shape the future. Harsh Singh Lohit talks to us about his change of path from a corporate life to small farming in Living by design. Lopez Design launched a research program to understand the youth force by interviewing as well as researching the millennial generation. I closely shaped the direction of this project, for which Ruma Dhingra and an in-house team conducted the research. It went on over 6 months and we now are excited to share the results of the persona of the young millennial and how they will majorly impact society and ways of life. The brand new face of the Indian millennial – part 1  is the first excerpt from a 6 part series with twelve sections written by Sujatha Shankar Kumar.

Do write in to us anytime to share your views on design, creative thinking and everything else under the sun.

Anthony Lopez