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At Lopez Design, we believe good design is not an end in itself or a single pathway. We are always looking for sharper, edgier ways to the finest solutions. Design permeates through every medium and we make it work memorably to make lasting connections. Our medium agnostic approach enables applications across all media.

  • Bolt and be beautiful

    Once in two years, Lopez Design is entrusted with the exhilarating task of designing a head-turning exhibit for STL Fasteners (Sterling Tools Ltd) at the Auto Expo. This year for Auto Expo 2018, we threw ourselves a fresh challenge – how could we attract an audience to become curious to explore? The concept for the ...

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  • The end of violence

    Know Violence in Childhood, a global learning initiative, is concerned with ending harmful acts on children, both psychological and physical that impair and affect their growing up years, and even causing death. Children, a vulnerable core of society, must be protected. More peaceful societies should be nurtured. Know Violence in Childhood aims to make this ...

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  • Hercules cycles identity redesign

    Brand Strategy + Identity

    Redesigning the identity for one of India’s largest bicycle manufacturing companies Hercules Cycles approached Lopez Design to redesign their existing identity in order to stand apart from other cycle brands in India and gain popularity with the existing target audience. The approach required the design to be markedly different and garner the top space as ...

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  • Club of

    Strategy + System Design + Interactive

    The Club of Mozambique website with a compelling visual design and structured information portrays the nation as an attractive business destination. Our design journey towards the final solution. Club of Mozambique Conceived by Adrian Frey in the 1990s, Club of Mozambique was launched as a website that channelized news from varied sources in the area of property, economy ...

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  • Making Waves

    Branded Spaces + Environment Graphics

    A link to nature The GOSS Aravallis office of Mercer is situated in the backdrop of the low-lying Aravallis in the lush surrounds of a bio-diversity park. Here, we had to create a vast set of graphics all over the Mercer offices. Our challenge was to be different yet maintain the link with the enduring ...

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  • Making Visible Impressions

    Installation + Exhibition

    Our previous experiment marrying technology and art for Sterling Tools Limited was an extraordinary success in the 2014 Auto Expo – a massive grid of bolts that weighed several tons but appeared as light as a cobweb. The human endeavour to make something beautiful and impressionable is always a miraculous feat when the world of ...

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  • Recharging Hercules: Change for the times

    Strategy + Identity + Retail + Product Graphics + Packaging

    TI Cycles, which is part of the Murugappa Group, hired us to recreate branding for Hercules, a foremost product in the MTB segment targeting teens and young adult males. The new identity takes a bolder and more aggressive stance, drawing from the character of the Greek hero Hercules who wielded power and passion. Aimed for youth ...

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  • Bihar Museum:
    Awakening the glory of Bihar

    Brand Strategy + Identity + Print + Web + Social Media + Wayfinding

    Lopez Design was commissioned by the Bihar Museum for Brand Strategy and design of identity, website, print collaterals, signage system and social media. Lord Cultural Resources executed the planning and design for this world class museum. Maki and Associates from Japan are the architects of the expansive Museum building.

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  • Getting around DLF Garden City

    Wayfinding + Signage

    DLF required way-finding and location signs for their project Garden City, in Sectors 81 and 82 as well as 86 to 95, Gurgaon. Lopez Design was hired to design a Way finding system and Signage Structures for the project, which included group housing and commercial properties, for all the sector roads and plotted areas in Sectors 91 and 92. ...

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  • The Mercer soul comes to light

    Branded Spaces + Environment Graphics

    Lopez Design’s award winning design for the Mercer Noida office reflects a redefined ethos. Mercer wanted their office environment to reflect the rich and multi-layered corporate philosophy after recent changes undergone by their identity. Visually embedded in place, these principles would subtly filter into the consciousness of their workforce.  Having already designed Mercer’s Gurgaon facility, Lopez Design ...

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