Keeping Sify aheadCorporate Identity System + Visual Language

Background and Overview

One of India’s leading integrated Information Communications Technology companies, Sify Corp was a pioneer in defining Internet services, infrastructure, processes and networking in India as well as setting standards along the way. In the late 90s, Sify was India’s first private ISP with a dial up service, making Sify a household name. Its kite identity was ubiquitous. 


Almost a decade later, Sify realized the need for reinvention to connect with customers in present times and for the future. Due to rapid inorganic growth, varied identities had cropped up for its many offerings to ‘B to B’ and ‘B to C’ consumers. This diluted their identity and brand perception pushing them to reinvigorate their branding. Sify was convinced that with our credentials we would be the design studio best equipped to design a comprehensive brand identity program across all business verticals. The new identity would bring all these offerings to work in a cohesive framework, speaking with one voice. 


Design development and strategy

A brand audit translated into a complete visual makeover for brand Sify. The purpose of the audit was to check if ‘Sify the identity’ matched ‘Sify the brand’. The existing Sify identity was too simplistic and not geared for the future growth of the company. It had an outdated appearance and needed improvement. It needed to have a younger and more energetic appeal making an emotive connect with the audience.

Some of the key words that came up in our user interaction when we found out what Sify meant to them, were Confident, Reliable, Empower, Multitasking and Kaleidoscope. We aimed for the new identity to be cohesive and flexible. It had to strike a balance between ‘coolness’ and professionalism. We compared it with George Clooney who is the epitomizes smart, cool and confident.


We also broke away from norms to envisage the new Sify as something completely radical. The conclusion of this brainstorming exercise gave rise to the notion – the future isn’t what it used to be. We brought back to the present time the very vision that Sify started with – to stay ahead.

Our explorations led to three major conceptual directions. One used the dot with the tagline ‘keeping you ahead’. The other used the line as a zigzag element to show how Sify takes every turn and bend to satisfy customers. The Infinity concept brought in the idea of the color spectrum and Sify as a ‘future ready’ company. The ‘keeping you ahead’ concept was the final selected. 


Design solution

We simplified and standardized the complicated brand architecture. The fresh color palette was a differentiator and the tagline ‘keeping you ahead’ positioned the company as a leading service provider that was customer oriented. The new identity takes a tongue-in-cheek look at this Sify attitude. Quite simply, the dot of the ‘I’ has moved ahead of the word.

In other cases, it moves ahead of the area of expertise as in the case of sub-brand identities. The use of the dot makes the identity playful, engages consumers in a light manner so that they view Sify as a friend and not as a monolithic and cold technology company.

The ‘moving dot’ offers another interpretation: Sify pulls out all the stops when it comes to achieving customer satisfaction. Instead of a full stop after Sify, the dot is suspended in mid-air to clear the road ahead and remove all barriers to progress.

The green color infuses a sense of freshness into the identity, since Sify is one of the rare technology companies is confident enough to make its identity playful. The gray negates any suggestion of frivolousness that the identity might induce.

The Brand Manual provided guidelines for stationery and collaterals including designing the various Sify websites in line with the new identity. A detailed iconography covered all aspects of customer touchpoints, from retail to print and web.




We proposed a 360 degree marketing strategy to launch the new identity in the market by piquing the curiosity of people and engaging with audience through creative quizzing and storytelling.




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