Murugappa Group gets a new identityBrand Audit + Corporate Identity + Print Communication

More than 100 years of lineage. More than 29 limited companies. A turnover exceeding USD 3 billion. Redesigning the Murugappa Group identity was all about striking a delicate balance between tradition and modernism.

Press coverage

1. Anthony Lopez spoke to Vinay Kamath from The Hindu BusinessLine: The challenge was how to get high recall for the entire group all over the country and project the intellectual wealth of the group. View the article

2. A. Vellayan, Executive Chairman, Murugappa Group expressed his views: We wanted to reflect a new vibrancy, new daring, new energy. We didn’t want to give up the peacock as that reflects our heritage and our values and beliefs don’t change but we wanted to contemporise it at the same time. The group’s peacock that has changed from blue to red now is to reflect group’s ambition of becoming a little more daring and adventurous. Quoted in The Hindu BusinessLine and The Financial Chronicle

3. Articles covering the launch from The Economic Times, Management Next, CampaignIndia,, Yahoo Finance, and CommodityOnline


“The new branding exercise comes after a pan-India study commissioned by the group after drawing its near term growth plans. It was found that while the group was recognised for business ethics, the diverse businesses of the group were not known. The group felt the need to deepen the understanding with core customers and also to connect with future generation.” View the article in The Financial Chronicle


Unveiling the brand, A. Vellayan, Executive Chairman, Murugappa Group said, “This contemporary rendition of the Murugappa Peacock is a sign of the Group’s global outlook and the dynamic targets we have set out to reach. Red as a colour embodies vigour, power, passion, drive, energy and is renowned for its excellent visibility. The clean lines and the unique lower case style in which ‘murugappa’ is written help connect with audiences through simplicity and elegance.”


The soft curves in the typography were inspired by the rounded curves of the Dravidian scripts.



The Murugappa Red is a personification of the brand’s energy and optimism.
The new brand logo is the first step in the group’s brand campaign reflecting its ambitious growth plans with the theme Energy Unbound.





The Corporate Identity Programme covers various details of the applications, including font family, letterheads (above) and employee access cards (below).






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