Branded Environments

Branding consolidates what you stand for as an entity in a cohesive message. When branding percolates into an organization’s environment, it truly resonates with its beliefs. It goes beyond a symbol on paper, becoming an active space that brings energy and soul to experience, powerfully connecting with people. The real test of a brand is time. A successful brand is always evolving and the creative environment fosters its evolution.

  • Making Waves

    Branded Spaces + Environment Graphics

    A link to nature The GOSS Aravallis office of Mercer is situated in the backdrop of the low-lying Aravallis in the lush surrounds of a bio-diversity park. Here, we had to create a vast set of graphics all over the Mercer offices. Our challenge was to be different yet maintain the link with the enduring ...

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  • The Mercer soul comes to light

    Branded Spaces + Environment Graphics

    Lopez Design’s award winning design for the Mercer Noida office reflects a redefined ethos. Mercer wanted their office environment to reflect the rich and multi-layered corporate philosophy after recent changes undergone by their identity. Visually embedded in place, these principles would subtly filter into the consciousness of their workforce.  Having already designed Mercer’s Gurgaon facility, Lopez Design ...

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  • Redesigning a church environment

    Branded Spaces

    The Church of Immaculate Conception is the biggest Catholic parish in Gurgaon. The church is nestled in the midst of a developing sprawling neighbourhood and the church building stands out with its brick tile design. When the mosaic wall behind the altar had to be repaired, Lopez Design was invited to propose a redesign for ...

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  • Mapping the mind for Headstrong


    Headstrong is a global company with offices in North America, Europe, Philippines and other parts of Asia Pacific and India. They identified Lopez Design and their brief to us was to reinterpret their brand and make it relate to users across countries. Here, the challenge for us was to bridge cultures with a unified approach. We ...

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  • UNICEF India HQ Environment & Interiors

    Space & Interior Design + Branded Spaces + Interaction Design

    An existing reception which looked very dull and old-style is now revamped into a space which is welcoming and modern, yet not cold and unfriendly. The custom designed wooden furniture with the subtle, earthy fabrics, the white accents and the effect of light, both natural and white, add a touch of class and warmth. The ...

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  • Painting a powerful picture of Congo


    For 50 years, UNICEF Kinshasa has been dealing with the insecurity of livelihoods, health problems, malnutrition and the trauma of violence in the volatile situation at Congo. UNICEF has made continued efforts for funding and resources to be made available. The survival of children and their stabilization are fundamental goals and the UNICEF offices work ...

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  • Creating the PwC Experience
    across India

    Branded Space
    Namaste and welcome to PwC Gurgaon!
The Hello Wall is a standard feature of PwC Receptions across the world.

    Namaste and welcome to PwC Gurgaon! The Hello Wall is a standard feature of PwC Receptions across the world. PwC wanted to deliver its corporate message in a manner that stays fresh day-after-day, in spite of repeated viewing. Starting with Gurgaon, we have created branded environments at Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Mumbai, with more ...

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  • Colours and Textures of Nepal

    Space & Interior Design + Branded Spaces

    The UNICEF National Country Office of Nepal (UNICEF NCO) invited Lopez Design to refurbish its offices in Nepal. UNICEF is a global organization, admired for its warm relationship with people. This universal respect and professional standing had to show through a positive working environment, bringing cohesiveness and clarity to the organization’s functioning and identity. The ...

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  • Headstrong creates an empire of the mind

    Brand Guardianship + Branded Spaces + Interactive Design

    Headstrong is a financial services consultancy, ranked among the top 50 in the 2008 FinTech 100. They are headquartered in North America, with delivery centers in India and Philippines, and offices across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our relationship with Headstrong has been one of mutual trust, and has led to some very fine work ...

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  • Reaching higher for ROSA

    Space & Interior Design + Branded Spaces + Interaction Design

    The UNICEF ROSA office at Kathmandu, Nepal provides training, programs and support to eight offices in the region and other humanitarian partners, aiding field workers to carry out their mission to protect and promote children’s rights. Having previously worked on multiple communication projects for them, UNICEF approached us to design their Regional Office for South ...

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